1. I'll be heading out of town both this weekend Oct 15 - 16th for attending a wedding then Oct 26 - Nov 1st for GSOC's Mentor Summit (woo). While away my time will be limited, and it has become limited already after my sabbatical ended.

    I'm falling behind on reviewing and merging PRs already now, we were just at 15 earlier today which I think is a new record. Need help! For those able to please jump in when available and merge when happy. Just add the PR and any associated issue to the active milestone (Alpha 6 at the moment)

    That should probably be another one of the roles - PR review and merging. We get some of it now (especially review), but need more merging from others than just me.

  2. Everybody loves meetings, right? :geek:

    Okay, so maybe there'll also be cake. Virtual cake, at least. Maybe cookies. And a cheese wheel. With some game playing too!

    Much delayed like everything involving me these days, but I've finally gotten enough suggestion threads up to focus on running a dev meeting + play session to do some discussion and celebrate Terasology's 5th birthday. Assuming this coming Saturday October 8th is good with enough people, anyway. Would roughly start at the beginning of our office hours visible on our calendar (11 am Eastern Time US) but probably start with discussion around noon then we'll see how long we go.

    I'll try to launch a server...
  3. This will be "brief" with more details added later as it is 3 am my time with the rescheduled test event from last Saturday set to begin in about 9 hours :)

    Alpha 4 is out with a bunch of new/fixed/updated modules:
    • Dialogs - added to lineup as it is now used in DynamicCities to let the player interact with NPCs (for the trading system for instance)
    • DynamicCities - heavily updated since last as part of @Cpt. Crispy Crunchy's GSOC project, may need to run it with MedievalCities enabled too (possible crash issue without?)
    • Economy - a basic market economy setup for DynamicCities
    • GooeysQuests - also...
  4. The city I live in, Tallahassee Florida, took a direct hit from hurricane Hermine and we have no power (and a tree on our roof) with the expectation that the power could be out for days. So I likely won't be able to make it (and definitely not run) the multiplayer event tomorrow. We lost power right as I was working on merge prep for Alpha 4 too.

    I'll aim to get back to work whenever there's power and get Alpha 4 out soonish, maybe aim for next Saturday (September 10th). Or somebody else in the community could lead tomorrow's event - setting up a server isn't very hard and we can still use our DigitalOcean account to host if needed. I can charge my phone off a couple laptops to keep mostly available for small stuff like that if somebody volunteers and needs access. But it may be easier...
  5. In advance of the multiplayer test event this Saturday I've released Alpha 3 on GitHub, should also be available via launcher and so forth.

    This is mostly a checkpoint release with a ton of GSOC changes along with some module work

    The multiplayer test event will use the in-game listing for "Event Server" and be coordinated on IRC to test out a few different things like the Dynamic Cities. Expect crashes! :)

    Note: The config.cfg file in an existing game data directory must be deleted once if you reuse an old game data directory. Some configuration keys have changed. There are also library changes if you are running from source but haven't updated...
  6. Saturday August 6 is our next regularly scheduled multiplayer test session! With a little luck Alpha 3 will be released before then, including various goodies from recent GSOC work. Focus during testing:
  7. I just released the Terasology Launcher at v3.1.0 which was suddenly needed as an upgrade of our Jenkins server made the scanning of available game builds break. It would leave the launcher marking most/all builds as faulty. If you get "stuck" seeing that even with the new release try deleting the launcher's cache. Default launcher cache home on Win7 would be something like


    Another new/recent release is our adopted project Destination Sol which is finally back in motion with its...
  8. I've just created a little Calendar tab here on our portal, which simply embeds a Google Calendar from Gooey's account (allows a few of us to add events). Nothing fancy although I've tested out adding Trello board calendars to such an embedded calendar, so that's kinda cool! More potential to examine later including automated reminders on Slack.

    For now I've added our official office hours, which haven't really been used for ages, plus a regularly scheduled multiplayer test event on the first Saturday of each month. This month said Saturday was already the 2nd and we had done a multiplayer test not long before that, so I set that one particular instance for this coming Saturday July 9th.

    I've checked with...
  9. Too much to cover all at once, but to get beyond that I'm going to post some of the more interesting bits (mostly visible stuff / content) then trickle out the remainder over time probably mostly on Twitter (good for small stuff)

    First of we just released Alpha build 2, based on engine v1.1.0, which together with Alpha 1 (that never did get its own news post) brings in 10 new modules and a bunch of other stuff. Good chunk of effort in there from our GSOC students, including an in-game NUI editor by @Rostyslav Zatserkovnyi (shortcut key is F10) and the less noticable but hugely needed rendering improvements by @tdgunes...
  10. The GSOC deadline for proposals is Friday March 25 19:00 UTC, after which we'll celebrate with a weekend hackathon! This will allow some more good time to bond with potential students, mentors, or just interested contributors wanting to play with stuff in our new v1.0.0 release. Maybe I'll even find time to write the actual news post about it! ;)

    This should fit well with our stability & content focus with v1.0.0. Anybody able to make it come help us create some fun content. Maybe @Florian's new GooeysQuests module could have @Gooey sprout bunny ears and start hiding Easter eggs...
  11. Quick overall heads-up!

    Saturday March 12th at 4 pm EST we're having a dev meeting primarily on architecture - see its thread for details including alternative time zone examples. There is a little relevance for GSOC (in particular the rendering-related ideas) but it isn't critical for students to attend.

    Sunday at some point (quite possibly late as the change list is massive) will be the v1.0.0 release. Maybe we'll do some final play testing in multiplayer too. Come join :)

    Monday is the start date for proposals for GSOC. Any of our interested students will then have about two weeks to submit one or more proposals. See the...
  12. We have our first release candidate for engine release v1.0.0 / game ALPHA! :D

    Which is almost certainly going to get disqualified in the coming days - there's a fair bit more stuff to do than just bump the version and change a few game labels. I've rebuilt all the modules (some had to get their Core dependency bumped to cover v1.0.0) and done very basic smoke testing of the game but it is 3 am and we really should do more extensive testing this time around than me just fooling around for a few minutes.

    Still need to update some documentation as well, which is next. I've also finished a first round of infrastructure upgrades so we're now on the latest Jenkins,...
  13. Checkpoint! And one more "final" pre-alpha release before we go alpha. Expecting we'll release engine v1.0.0 first weekend in January, so we had about 6 weeks of changes piled up, both in the engine and modules. Made sense to get some updates out to play with over the holidays, especially the shiny new caves!

    Download it via launcher or from GitHub releases.

    Engine changes in Jenkins
    - issues closed on GitHub.

    Module changes:
    • New...
  14. Pre-alpha release 60 is now out. 59 was actually released about two weeks ago but didn't make it past GitHub's release section as I was on vacation and then promptly got sick. Along with that our next release may well be a major one, switching to Alpha at the game-level and v1.0.0 for just the engine :)

    First for the current release - change notes combined for 59 and 60:
    • Behavior (tree) assets made available for modules
    • Improvements to the module list auto-updating and downloading transitive dependencies (if you enable module A that depends on module B both will be downloaded automatically)
    • Tweaks for...