1. I've just created a little Calendar tab here on our portal, which simply embeds a Google Calendar from Gooey's account (allows a few of us to add events). Nothing fancy although I've tested out adding Trello board calendars to such an embedded calendar, so that's kinda cool! More potential to examine later including automated reminders on Slack.

    For now I've added our official office hours, which haven't really been used for ages, plus a regularly scheduled multiplayer test event on the first Saturday of each month. This month said Saturday was already the 2nd and we had done a multiplayer test not long before that, so I set that one particular instance for this coming Saturday July 9th.

    I've checked with...
  2. Too much to cover all at once, but to get beyond that I'm going to post some of the more interesting bits (mostly visible stuff / content) then trickle out the remainder over time probably mostly on Twitter (good for small stuff)

    First of we just released Alpha build 2, based on engine v1.1.0, which together with Alpha 1 (that never did get its own news post) brings in 10 new modules and a bunch of other stuff. Good chunk of effort in there from our GSOC students, including an in-game NUI editor by @Rostyslav Zatserkovnyi (shortcut key is F10) and the less noticable but hugely needed rendering improvements by @tdgunes...
  3. The GSOC deadline for proposals is Friday March 25 19:00 UTC, after which we'll celebrate with a weekend hackathon! This will allow some more good time to bond with potential students, mentors, or just interested contributors wanting to play with stuff in our new v1.0.0 release. Maybe I'll even find time to write the actual news post about it! ;)

    This should fit well with our stability & content focus with v1.0.0. Anybody able to make it come help us create some fun content. Maybe @Florian's new GooeysQuests module could have @Gooey sprout bunny ears and start hiding Easter eggs...
  4. Quick overall heads-up!

    Saturday March 12th at 4 pm EST we're having a dev meeting primarily on architecture - see its thread for details including alternative time zone examples. There is a little relevance for GSOC (in particular the rendering-related ideas) but it isn't critical for students to attend.

    Sunday at some point (quite possibly late as the change list is massive) will be the v1.0.0 release. Maybe we'll do some final play testing in multiplayer too. Come join :)

    Monday is the start date for proposals for GSOC. Any of our interested students will then have about two weeks to submit one or more proposals. See the...
  5. We have our first release candidate for engine release v1.0.0 / game ALPHA! :D

    Which is almost certainly going to get disqualified in the coming days - there's a fair bit more stuff to do than just bump the version and change a few game labels. I've rebuilt all the modules (some had to get their Core dependency bumped to cover v1.0.0) and done very basic smoke testing of the game but it is 3 am and we really should do more extensive testing this time around than me just fooling around for a few minutes.

    Still need to update some documentation as well, which is next. I've also finished a first round of infrastructure upgrades so we're now on the latest Jenkins,...
  6. Checkpoint! And one more "final" pre-alpha release before we go alpha. Expecting we'll release engine v1.0.0 first weekend in January, so we had about 6 weeks of changes piled up, both in the engine and modules. Made sense to get some updates out to play with over the holidays, especially the shiny new caves!

    Download it via launcher or from GitHub releases.

    Engine changes in Jenkins
    - issues closed on GitHub.

    Module changes:
    • New...
  7. Pre-alpha release 60 is now out. 59 was actually released about two weeks ago but didn't make it past GitHub's release section as I was on vacation and then promptly got sick. Along with that our next release may well be a major one, switching to Alpha at the game-level and v1.0.0 for just the engine :)

    First for the current release - change notes combined for 59 and 60:
    • Behavior (tree) assets made available for modules
    • Improvements to the module list auto-updating and downloading transitive dependencies (if you enable module A that depends on module B both will be downloaded automatically)
    • Tweaks for...
  8. At least we're about to have quests!

    Our project's 4th birthday was just recently, about two weeks ago but yours truly here has been slammed with crazy crunch time at my day job. So celebrating a bit delayed here :)

    I've mostly escaped from my responsibilities and cleared the whole coming weekend (Oct 10+11) for a bit of birthday fun. I'll be around as much as possible both days, starting 10-11 am EDT till late evening. Some ideas:
  9. This release for once probably has more changes in our modules than in the engine, which should become more typical as the engine stabilizes :)

    Our 4th birthday is coming up, officially September 26th, and the tentative plan is to go with a multiplayer event running JoshariasSurvival. @Josharias has been working on some fine-tuning so it should work well for this purpose. It won't happen quite on the date as RL is as always a cruel mistress and I for one am in crunch time with work but it'll be within the next few weeks!

    I'd also like to start some discussion on possibly taking the engine to v1.0.0 / game to alpha sometime soon, even if we aren't quite ready. We really need to call it rather than keep...
  10. Checkpoint release after the somewhat rough last release that took near three months - this one took just three weeks!

    Naturally most the content in this release is bug fixes, but a few new things snuck in as well

    GitHub release download - GitHub changelog milestone - Jenkins engine changelog

    New stuff
    • Automated download of modules at runtime from our meta-server. So you can get module updates and even new modules live from inside the game! (oooohhh!)
      • If you look in...
  11. So that took a while. Unfortunate reality of all-volunteer open source, activity comes in waves and there's no guarantee it is the kind of activity you need to do releases. On the other hand it can also lead to all sorts of neat unexpected things :)

    So finally after nearly three months Terasology is (mostly) stable again and pre-alpha release 56 (engine v0.54.0) is out - download from GitHub. A lot of the work (as usual) is behind-the-scenes engine work that won't be very interesting to players, although there is a lot of neat new stuff for modders, such as auto-reloading assets changed on disk (see embed below). That is thanks to the extraction of and...
  12. This is a more meaty release paired with a new major launcher release too.

    Game pre-alpha release v55 (changes in Jenkins; download from GitHub):

    Going to start referring to these as pre-alpha releases rather than stable builds. Eventually we'll be on alpha releases, then beta, and so on. This will keep developing as we sort out how to do release management including modules and "distros". The numbers will change too, not being tied to the engine version any longer. For instance that's actually v0.53.1 for this release.
    • Official first build requiring Java 8
    • Bunches of new modules!
      • AnotherWorldPlants: Extracted...
  13. We're officially on Java 8 in develop now, with the stable 53 just released being the final version of Terasology that'll work on Java 7. Main feature in this release is probably the auto-updating server list, woo :)

    Full changes listed in Jenkins - as stable 51 actually broke due to a version number quirk, whoops. And 52 as well. Didn't want those release numbers anyway.

    Along with Java 8 we've adjusted Javadoc a bunch and are officially dropping author tags for various reasons - see the...
  14. This has been a topic on and off for some time. @author tags in Javadoc are not very useful, are often copy pasted and inaccurate, and really don't add anything Git history doesn't.

    With Java 8 javadoc generation gets more strict and @msteiger put a big PR up that fixes the errors. Part of the errors relate to email formatting in @author tags, which have been very inconsistent at best. The current fix is simply removing the emails. Instead I wonder if we just remove the tags entirely.

    Apparently the Apache license frowns upon the @author tag too. Lots of cons, few to no pros.

    I figure some devs might feel nice seeing your author tag in there, so I wanted to ask if anybody would object if we remove them....