1. Official release number is 0.50.0, so that must totally mean we're half way to 1.0.0, right? 0.5.0 totally didn't count :) Get it from GitHub!

    This is a nice release. @Josharias Survival has become quite mature and deep, and there's a highlight video to go with this release. Check it out!

    That goes with earlier videos from Josharias' channel showcasing other parts of JS like my favorite - fully functional windmills! There is even some movement on making weather patterns affect the output of stuff like windmills :)

    To further help...
  2. ♫ ... What is love? @Gooey don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more ... ♫

    Even our favorite Gelatinous Cube needs love on this day. Good news is even if alone he/she/it can just bud off a clone and tadaa, couple!

    For the occasion @Skaldarnar threw together a nice little Valentines module to go with this release, which is otherwise pretty routine. Main note is that it'll be the final release where the Windows executables will work without Java 8. @shartte is working on improve the executables/launch scripts and bundling a suitable JRE is part of this (as an option, you can still get the "generic" game and launch it as you see fit).

    So far only the Windows executables work...
  3. This release is just 8 days after the prior as we found some bugs only active in the binary download of the game, and I've been primarily testing from source. Oops :)
    • Throughout The Ages should work again, it would crash on making the initial workstation due to a module dependency issue (wrong version used - didn't have our updated math lib set right)
    • Pathfinding was broken, leading to some other big stuff not working. Quirky logistics issue caused it to be built funny. #1558
    • Lots of updates and some fixes to JoshariasSurvival - even more and a demo video coming soon!
    • Light & Shadow has some new blocks like banners, activity...
  4. Stable 47 says hi

    Jan 17, 2015
    This is a fairly routine release as it has been a couple weeks since last and we stabilized some new stuff.

    Summary of changes (full list in Jenkins):
    • Game console overhaul. This was mostly architectural but resulted in a few extras like no more case sensitivity for commands and auto-completion for the "help" command. It also makes the system more powerful for future improvements. The readme has been updated with the latest functionality.
    • We finally started using our own math library...
  5. This is a fairly small and quick one, mainly as a checkpoint before merging some refactoring, and to get some module lineup changes in. As a reminder modules aren't bundled via the launcher downloads, but you can get them from the GitHub release or direct from Jenkins.

    Primarily it includes @Josharias' new module series replacing TerraTech, with full journal integration giving you hints on what to do in-game.
    • JoshariasSurvival - the direct replacement gameplay template, survival style with machines and such, bit "easier" than Throughout the Ages which is...
  6. Been out a little while, actually, built and released it almost two weeks ago but have been busy lately, wanting to get a bunch of other write-ups done. We also changed the way modules get bundled with the game, so I was holding out a bit there for making it cleaner. Still some work to do. For the time being the main game zip (from the launcher or regular job in Jenkins) will not contain any extra modules at all, but the new "Omega Distribution" does (the exact old lineup). Full changelog in Jenkins

    Anyway! New stuff:
    • ...
  7. No stable build post this time, just a quick note that a first round of Jenkins / Gradle / Artifactory / Release related changes have been merged. This is part of the logistics arc to finally doing a proper release management approach with SemVer-based versioning.

    It means a few things:
    • Latest unstable build doesn't currently have any modules attached. The way they're packaged is changing. Latest stable still has modules. Next stable might be tricky :)
    • For developers the build.gradle in the Core module has changed in a way that'll likely make Gradle tasks fail if you have other source modules...
  8. Solid stuff here even in a relatively small package (only 39 commits!) not that long after last stable. Progressing at a good pace! :)
    • Headless server finally saves and loads cleanly, woohoo! @Florian squished the last bug. That means you can technically host a persistent server, although without auto-saves (coming soon!) you'd need to shut it down on a regular basis to not risk losing the world ;)
      • You can start headless with the -headless parameter, which will start a default world. Currently you'd have to then edit the config.cfg that generates manually to get specific modules enabled, then clear the...
  9. This is a nice and big release, first normal one after our server apocalypse. Incidentally that should all be done and over with so if you find any outdated links or problems anywhere still do let us know :)

    • Not backwards compatible! First stable build after the big chunk/world overhaul. If you have an existing install with data from older builds you'll have to find and delete it (usually under your user directory somewhere sensible). If you're using the launcher it can tell you where this is.
    • Some world...
  10. Today marks 3 years since the first forum post here :) On our first birthday we celebrated with a Minecraft challenge server. Second year we moved to a Terasology server event with the new multiplayer. This year we welcome the OreSpawn mod with a birthday bash!

    TheyCallMeDanger (author of OreSpawn) is looking for a new home away from home after the recent Minecraft events, and coincidentally timed reaching out to us right before our birthday. So it...

  11. So that was a fun week! :)

    To recap in one place as info has been a bit all over the place: Slightly more than a week ago the second drive in our server's RAID array failed, 6 months after the first one had silently stopped updating. After thinking we recovered onto the other drive we learned that whole "Oh, the data is from March ... hmm!"

    Long story short we restored what we could and rebuilt what we couldn't. We moved to DigitalOcean "droplets" instead of a dedicated server from Hetzner and also put our terasology.org sub domains to use. If you want to help us pay for our hosting and need tiny (or big) super flexible servers in less than a minute please use...
  12. Official recurring calendar entry woo!

    Times are approximate and optional. Only the early session is tied to the calendar for simplicity.

    The early session will be 10 am EDT / 4 pm CEST / midnight AEST (Sunday) - time zone link - this is the time for the event tied to this thread
    The late session will be 5 pm EDT / 11 pm CEST / 7 am AEST (Sunday) - time zone link

    I'll personally try to make as many of these as possible, and will probably also be early, at least for the later session (I'm a night owl, not really a...
  13. Been slowly building up engine changes for a bit but there might be more module work in this release than engine. Available as always via Launcher, on GitHub, or from Jenkins

    Engine work:
    • msteiger added CrashReporter - if the game crashes now this should pop up with easy access to the game log, uploading it, filing an issue, on joining our channel on IRC for support
    • Split hot key for view distance into two: Home key to increase, End key to...
  14. Been a little while since last, did end up doing more frequent stable builds, but then ended up not writing about each of them ;)

    Since last we've actually gone through two major stable builds, two small ones, and a broken one. First one was sort of a checkpoint with a bunch of assorted stuff, then the second one finally let us deal with complex module relationships better in Gradle, along with a bunch of bug fixing and polish to modules and logging

    As always get the latest release via the Launcher, from GitHub, or from...
  15. Or at least it feels like steady progression in Throughout the Ages with us having progressed through Wood & Stone and currently Copper & Bronze! Marcin Sciesinski is continuing to churn out content (more ideas welcome!), aided some by great new icons & other assets by Skaldarnar - for instance, speaking of churning, have a quern:

    It is available in the latest stable build, now available via Launcher, GitHub, or...