1. Today marks 3 years since the first forum post here :) On our first birthday we celebrated with a Minecraft challenge server. Second year we moved to a Terasology server event with the new multiplayer. This year we welcome the OreSpawn mod with a birthday bash!

    TheyCallMeDanger (author of OreSpawn) is looking for a new home away from home after the recent Minecraft events, and coincidentally timed reaching out to us right before our birthday. So it...

  2. So that was a fun week! :)

    To recap in one place as info has been a bit all over the place: Slightly more than a week ago the second drive in our server's RAID array failed, 6 months after the first one had silently stopped updating. After thinking we recovered onto the other drive we learned that whole "Oh, the data is from March ... hmm!"

    Long story short we restored what we could and rebuilt what we couldn't. We moved to DigitalOcean "droplets" instead of a dedicated server from Hetzner and also put our terasology.org sub domains to use. If you want to help us pay for our hosting and need tiny (or big) super flexible servers in less than a minute please use...
  3. Official recurring calendar entry woo!

    Times are approximate and optional. Only the early session is tied to the calendar for simplicity.

    The early session will be 10 am EDT / 4 pm CEST / midnight AEST (Sunday) - time zone link - this is the time for the event tied to this thread
    The late session will be 5 pm EDT / 11 pm CEST / 7 am AEST (Sunday) - time zone link

    I'll personally try to make as many of these as possible, and will probably also be early, at least for the later session (I'm a night owl, not really a...
  4. Been slowly building up engine changes for a bit but there might be more module work in this release than engine. Available as always via Launcher, on GitHub, or from Jenkins

    Engine work:
    • msteiger added CrashReporter - if the game crashes now this should pop up with easy access to the game log, uploading it, filing an issue, on joining our channel on IRC for support
    • Split hot key for view distance into two: Home key to increase, End key to...
  5. Been a little while since last, did end up doing more frequent stable builds, but then ended up not writing about each of them ;)

    Since last we've actually gone through two major stable builds, two small ones, and a broken one. First one was sort of a checkpoint with a bunch of assorted stuff, then the second one finally let us deal with complex module relationships better in Gradle, along with a bunch of bug fixing and polish to modules and logging

    As always get the latest release via the Launcher, from GitHub, or from...
  6. Or at least it feels like steady progression in Throughout the Ages with us having progressed through Wood & Stone and currently Copper & Bronze! Marcin Sciesinski is continuing to churn out content (more ideas welcome!), aided some by great new icons & other assets by Skaldarnar - for instance, speaking of churning, have a quern:

    It is available in the latest stable build, now available via Launcher, GitHub, or...
  7. We have another stable build, this time less than two weeks since the last, yet still with more than two hundred commits, not counting modules! Everything is much more stable too, with just one itty bitty tiny bug:

    So .. happy Valentine's Day! These are supposed to be fence blocks in the Cities module but thanks to a fun bug turned into pink blocks. Which could almost be like pink-leafed hedges, totally works ;)

    As always the best way to get updates is using our Launcher!

    Other notes for this release (full details in Jenkins):
    • ...
  8. Actually aimed to get this out two weeks ago getting back on 2 builds per month but we hit a crazy activity peak with several major systems getting merged in and tweaked on a bunch. Still not exactly the most stable build ever but amazing amount of new (or old) working content modules :)

    Full changelist in Jenkins, you can get it at GitHub or download it directly here, or better yet use the launcher.

    List of stuffs related to the build:
    • ...
  9. New stable build and much merriment to be had!


    Sure has been a while since the last stable build and official announcement, but I think we've collectively enjoyed the holidays and gotten a good start on the new year. Last time was multiplayer this time the rest of The Great Convergence tagged along with the codebase structure changes.

    This means modules now live in their own GitHub repos, all under the Terasology organization (not to be...
  10. About a year ago we celebrated the first birthday of our project with a Minecraft server challenge. This year we do it with Terasology multiplayer!

    With The Great Convergence coming to a close the next big milestone is ALPHA, and in addition to playing some for fun we also need to sort out what's left before we can consider Terasology an alpha-level project. Keep in mind that Alpha is nowhere near feature-complete and will still be lacking loads of content - but most the architecture should be stabilizing.

    For multiplayer particularly...
  11. Testing time!

    Aug 24, 2013
    The merge of our develop branch (with content + graphic tweaks) into multiplayer is complete! And nh_99 has been able to resurrect the combat branch which now also works again. Both need testing! :)


    While the content modules from develop have not yet been adjusted (or extracted to the new structure) to work with multiplayer the actual multiplayer functionality works and is decently stable - all hail Immortius ! Please help us with some initial testing and observation of what might not be quite right yet :)
    • Build is available in...
  12. Big update time! Everybody loves bulleted lists, right?

    Project Topics (important!)

    These are big walls of text as each makes up a cornerstone of the project and we're wanting to get these right the first time - as we're likely not changing any of these in a major fashion ever again. They'll finalize our licensing setup, code / module structure, and our release process. If you have any interest in ever contributing to Terasology or writing mods this is your time to make an impact. If not, you can safely skip these although feedback from anybody knowledgeable on the topics would be appreciated :)
  13. We've been playing with this concept game mode for some time now and have a ton of artwork, which you might have seen around. It also is our most solid and achievable actual playable content, which has admittedly been lacking for quite a while :)

    The stars and moons appear to have aligned to make implementation of this doable over the next few months. We have another new batch of contributors, code is hitting...
  14. Edit: Solved! Registration open again.

    Our forum here is getting hit with a wave of spam bots so I've disabled user registration for a few days while sorting out some addons to deal with the bots.

    In the meantime new users with issues can post reports on GitHub instead. Can also visit us on IRC - just click that "Chat" tab in the navigation bar here.

    Otherwise all is well, I'm back from vacation at last and working on catching up. Digging up some interesting things to post about and push along :)