1. So yeah, there was this thing recently. Gronkh army arrived. You might have noticed, if you tried to get here over the last week and a half or so - since our site melted within an hour and stayed down for a week, wee! The article got a pretty nice amount of attention and as of this writing the video has 443,817 views and is hilarious - especially if you know German :rofl:

    In the week we were down...
  2. So today I found a nice little surprise from Immortius over in his develop branch I couldn't resist grabbing immediately - SLOPES! That work, gasp. And collide right, even drop and bounce around right (so "poorly"). And even a marble sphere on top a slab that also collides right around the round top and the flat bottom.

    Can our little cubic world survive such blasphemy? Will Gooey start crying till the poor thing shrivels up from lack of moisture? What do you think about the idea of introducing such abominations into our otherwise blocky world? Just imagine what could be next... columns? *shivver*

    Built in #235 with some of the new blocks in the starting goodie chest -...
  3. OUYA!

    Aug 8, 2012
    I suckered myself into sinking a full $699 into the Ouya Kickstarter as an investment. I'll pause here for the collective sigh at my optimism, don't forget to throw rainbow ratings at me :rainbowdetermined:

    The advice to "wait and see" was strong on this one and appreciated, but I realized I couldn't forgive myself if I let my ever-present caution block me, then see this explode further down the road, missing out. Not that anybody really misses out as the SDK will be freely available, but anyway. I wanted to do something special. $699 is both a lot of money and simultaneously tiny in investment terms.

    I'm purely taking this gamble as a personal risk, it's all my money, not to be covered by any...
  4. Sure staying busy these days! Just finished processing 5 pull requests with a stable build in the mix, tweaking the Jenkins config, grabbing all the pending stuff from the integrate branch and more! While I was working the video Gronkh posted officially crossed 500,000 views too - look below for a little thank you on that :)

    • Pull #311 and #313 and from x3ro to quickly arrange the in-game menu a little better and provide a nice asset loader update
    • Stable build 13 was...
  5. Okay, apologies for the short notice on this one, have been dropping hints and notes here and there, but have been too busy to get some stuff in place I wanted ready before announcing this.

    We'll aim to do a dev meeting on IRC this coming Saturday around 5 pm EST. Focus is on project organization for ourselves and collaboration with Spout - a project a fair bit more mature than us with good experience we could take pointers from. So pinging any interested Spout members like Afforess RoyAwesome Zidane Olloth etc. Topics:
    • Formal organization - who is MovingBlocks and why does it matter? For starters we'll likely be moving the copyright notices from begla to the group...
  6. Info dump!

    Sep 13, 2012
    Time for another information round-up!

    New stable build out - summarized changes:
    • Working doors - protect yourself from the slimy tendrils of the Gooey stampede! Also means the start of multi-block objects
    • Build system updates including Checkstyle analysis thanks to mkalb
    • Major GUI overhaul (mostly behind the scenes) by miniME89
    • Console is friendly again and most blocks now can be requested in any available shape thanks...
  7. Preparing an official event entry for the meeting on art discussion with glasz and all the artists (able to make it + budding new ones if interested) on this coming Saturday. Hopefully I've got the right timezone - 6 pm GMT (so I guess that's 2 pm for eastern US, which is in EDT currently not plain EST ...)

    Mainly this is a follow-up to the Unified Graphic Style discussion we had a while ago. Back then we barely had any example art yet, pretty much just three distinct styles:
  8. In preparation for the birthday event Saturday I'd like to push our server a bit to see how many players it can handle. I felt some initial lag just online solo, but that might be because I'm across the pond in the U.S. or in part from some early wonkiness with Jenkins idling at high CPU.

    Another thing to test and get going is a Google Hangout, which we'll try to start up and work out. And maybe we can get the IRC plugin working so death events can be broadcast in #terasology and maybe Gooey can even keep track of who has died or not yet ;)

    Event is set to 1 pm US east which should be 7 pm / 19:00 in Germany. It is 11 hours and 11 minutes away as I post this. I'd be happy to see lots of people make it, good time to get your Tekkit + mods working as well, with troubleshooting handy...
  9. Update: Moved the event attached to this to Saturday September 29th at 10 am EST with the idea of starting a marathon Minecraft challenge of defeating the Enderdragon on a brand new world with one life per player - while broadcasting via Google Hangouts :D

    I was beginning to think about when this would be, so I dug out the first ever thread posted back when it was just three of us in a hidden forum. It was September 26th 2011 and the thread is now over here: http://forum.movingblocks.net/threads/here-we-go.1/

    That's also an example of what nefarious and amazing secrets lay hidden and forgotten in the old Core forum - I'll try to dust some more of the threads off and expose them in...
  10. Couple new builds of interest, going to do some dev discussions on IRC tomorrow (Saturday) US afternoon / German evening, and naming a few new leads :)

    Stable build 17 is out with a bunch of changes:
    • BIG NOTE (after previous stable build): Commands in the console now need to start with a / and those with multiple parameters need to be space-separated, no commas needed. Examples:
      • /help
      • /help "listBlocks"
      • /giveBlock "Clay" "Slope"
    • Overhauled console - looks different, preps chat functionality, its help system is growing up, etc. Some info in the wiki but beware of stable vs develop differences...
  11. Time for another big update! This one is a little more philosophical in nature, looking at the big picture in addition to bits of recent stuff :)
    • Birthdays make for good reflection
    • Other voxel games make for good inspiration
    • Milestone completions make for good organizing
    • Badger badger badger badger
    • ... then incentivize?
    Yay birthday! We can has sleep nao?

    So we had a nice birthday event a while back, which was relaxing. Maybe a little too relaxing, mixed with some hectic fun in RL which got me from mostly-Terasology-filled evenings to rarely getting a chance to get much done. Add to that a slew of new (or newly discovered) games in our little genre here and a pile more concepts and mod ideas popping up in our forum and on IRC and you...
  12. So the recent Birthday Event celebrated our inspiration from Minecraft, now it is time to pay tribute to another major influence - Dwarf Fortress!

    DF is a substantially harder game to get into, in particular since the base version comes in plain ASCII, without even basic tilesets. It has next to no mouse support, either. This has kept a lot of people from giving it a chance - this event aims to change that!

    I know we have several individuals just in our little community here who have been interested. To help get started and have some fun plus maybe even do some brainstorming for Terasology, I'm declaring the Saturday after next a DF day where I/we (existing DF geeks show yourselves and help out!) will...
  13. Tasty Mega Post

    Dec 13, 2012
    Okay this is a big one - I'll have to try being brief per item and link to more details or I'll never finish / break the forum :)


    Cooked for nearly two months in a somewhat quiet period this none the less gets us one of the most important things we need: Functional modding. This is huge, and already pretty easy and straight forward. Start looking, modding, and sharing - please forward this to anybody you think might be interested :D
  14. This is more of a workgroup meeting for the World team and likely to use voice chat (probably Skype) rather than an open thing on IRC, but I thought I'd post an official event in case somebody with an interest isn't aware of the plan already, as well as a thread for any follow-up notes :)

    Main topics revolve around integrating the tectonic world gen (PlaTec) simulator from Laurimann into Terasology via heightmap based worlds and other related world gen stuff. Nym Traveel will run the meeting as world lead (and I'll be at work, but may make it on to at least IRC or even voice to just listen) so be sure to hop on IRC early to catch any coordination for voice chat (may be harder to add people after it begins)
  15. The holidays are over, happy times were had (hopefully!), and dreary old RL and its obligations once more plot to get in the way of fun game development! Will try to make this more brief than the last mega post.

    New stable build

    • Best performing, most stable, and awesomely beautiful world yet! begla has started quietly working on rendering tweaks and it shows. Try "Epic" with water reflection on, or if you had issues running the game with...