1. Edit: Cancelled last minute for logistics / cost / attendance :(

    Official post for the Frankfurt visit mentioned elsewhere :)

    I expect to arrive in Frankfurt late Friday May 3rd with my wife along for the ride. begla is otherwise occupied with fun surprise events set up by to-be-wifey that Sunday, but we've got the whole Saturday. Although I'm thinking about hitting the nearby Zoo early Saturday (big pull for wifey), maybe we can focus on that Saturday afternoon / evening?

    Not entirely sure where to meet yet, but it'll be in the vicinity of the central train station, which is also near where begla lives. If people want to try...
  2. I've been tinkering with the idea of going to Europe here to catch the 10th anniversary of EVE Online via Fanfest at the end of April so I'll have multiple reasons to go, also including visiting my family in Denmark and maybe passing by somewhere in Germany to meet some Terasology people, likely in Frankfurt since that's apparently where all the action is at :)

    At first I missed out on the Fanfest tickets but an EVE friend came through last minute and clued me in to a quiet alternative venue to get official tickets (nothing shady, I promise!). I haven't purchased plane tickets yet, but just sorted out the finances so I should be able to make it happen.

    Fanfest is April 24th-27th so I'll likely take off from here on the 22nd or 23rd. Would then...
  3. Been a long two months since the last one so it was time :)

    Main reason for the long wait has been the focus on infrastructure and future prep. The Jenkins change list doesn't do the period justice, I covered some of the other news in another post for non-core content changes. Below are the actual code changes:
    • Lots more graphic wizardry by begla - Terasology has never looked better (1, 2, 3)! Also may be performing better / working better on some...
  4. I'm bringing on board a potential new contributor with some heavy background in lore (and art), akin to SuperSnark who is my 3rd for sure participant. We're all in US East so this is set a little late for the Euros, but I thought I'd post the note publicly in case somebody else with an interest can make it :)

    Topic is what role lore (and associated "fancy" out-of-game artwork) might play in a setting that usually is "blank slate" due to the nature of procedural worlds. I've suggested the idea of scenarios / campaigns that could come with a saved world prepared as per an author and we've poked at potential world back...
  5. I'm thrilled to share the news that we've been acquired by Mojang! Our first priority is finishing the Modding API and then replace creepers with Gooey




    Okay, in my defense I haven't gone to bed yet so it is still April 1st to me, dangit!

    Been a while since the last mega post since we haven't had a ton of content to put in a new stable build, which is still pending (for two months, yikes!). Most the focus lately has been on non-core stuff and architecture (although as usual begla is adding more amazing 3d wizardry). We're getting very close to having a much nicer setup there. Some related news:

  6. Tinkering with XenForo events here and thought I'd put a reminder down to see if there'd be potential for us to sign up as an organization for next year's Google Summer of Code. The program usually starts in February, 2012 had an organization submission deadline of February 27th.

    I was positively surprised to see at least three open source gaming projects on the list for 2012, viewable here (at least as I post this): http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/projects/list/google/gsoc2012

    No need for action on this topic for quite a while, but this way we won't forget! And we get to put something on the calendar. I'm using the Announcements forum for this at the moment as I figure anything we'll put on the calendar will likely also be an announcement anyway... maybe rename to...
  7. So yeah, there was this thing recently. Gronkh army arrived. You might have noticed, if you tried to get here over the last week and a half or so - since our site melted within an hour and stayed down for a week, wee! The article got a pretty nice amount of attention and as of this writing the video has 443,817 views and is hilarious - especially if you know German :rofl:

    In the week we were down...
  8. So today I found a nice little surprise from Immortius over in his develop branch I couldn't resist grabbing immediately - SLOPES! That work, gasp. And collide right, even drop and bounce around right (so "poorly"). And even a marble sphere on top a slab that also collides right around the round top and the flat bottom.

    Can our little cubic world survive such blasphemy? Will Gooey start crying till the poor thing shrivels up from lack of moisture? What do you think about the idea of introducing such abominations into our otherwise blocky world? Just imagine what could be next... columns? *shivver*

    Built in #235 with some of the new blocks in the starting goodie chest -...
  9. OUYA!

    Aug 8, 2012
    I suckered myself into sinking a full $699 into the Ouya Kickstarter as an investment. I'll pause here for the collective sigh at my optimism, don't forget to throw rainbow ratings at me :rainbowdetermined:

    The advice to "wait and see" was strong on this one and appreciated, but I realized I couldn't forgive myself if I let my ever-present caution block me, then see this explode further down the road, missing out. Not that anybody really misses out as the SDK will be freely available, but anyway. I wanted to do something special. $699 is both a lot of money and simultaneously tiny in investment terms.

    I'm purely taking this gamble as a personal risk, it's all my money, not to be covered by any...
  10. Sure staying busy these days! Just finished processing 5 pull requests with a stable build in the mix, tweaking the Jenkins config, grabbing all the pending stuff from the integrate branch and more! While I was working the video Gronkh posted officially crossed 500,000 views too - look below for a little thank you on that :)

    • Pull #311 and #313 and from x3ro to quickly arrange the in-game menu a little better and provide a nice asset loader update
    • Stable build 13 was...
  11. Okay, apologies for the short notice on this one, have been dropping hints and notes here and there, but have been too busy to get some stuff in place I wanted ready before announcing this.

    We'll aim to do a dev meeting on IRC this coming Saturday around 5 pm EST. Focus is on project organization for ourselves and collaboration with Spout - a project a fair bit more mature than us with good experience we could take pointers from. So pinging any interested Spout members like Afforess RoyAwesome Zidane Olloth etc. Topics:
    • Formal organization - who is MovingBlocks and why does it matter? For starters we'll likely be moving the copyright notices from begla to the group...
  12. Info dump!

    Sep 13, 2012
    Time for another information round-up!

    New stable build out - summarized changes:
    • Working doors - protect yourself from the slimy tendrils of the Gooey stampede! Also means the start of multi-block objects
    • Build system updates including Checkstyle analysis thanks to mkalb
    • Major GUI overhaul (mostly behind the scenes) by miniME89
    • Console is friendly again and most blocks now can be requested in any available shape thanks...
  13. Preparing an official event entry for the meeting on art discussion with glasz and all the artists (able to make it + budding new ones if interested) on this coming Saturday. Hopefully I've got the right timezone - 6 pm GMT (so I guess that's 2 pm for eastern US, which is in EDT currently not plain EST ...)

    Mainly this is a follow-up to the Unified Graphic Style discussion we had a while ago. Back then we barely had any example art yet, pretty much just three distinct styles:
  14. In preparation for the birthday event Saturday I'd like to push our server a bit to see how many players it can handle. I felt some initial lag just online solo, but that might be because I'm across the pond in the U.S. or in part from some early wonkiness with Jenkins idling at high CPU.

    Another thing to test and get going is a Google Hangout, which we'll try to start up and work out. And maybe we can get the IRC plugin working so death events can be broadcast in #terasology and maybe Gooey can even keep track of who has died or not yet ;)

    Event is set to 1 pm US east which should be 7 pm / 19:00 in Germany. It is 11 hours and 11 minutes away as I post this. I'd be happy to see lots of people make it, good time to get your Tekkit + mods working as well, with troubleshooting handy...
  15. Update: Moved the event attached to this to Saturday September 29th at 10 am EST with the idea of starting a marathon Minecraft challenge of defeating the Enderdragon on a brand new world with one life per player - while broadcasting via Google Hangouts :D

    I was beginning to think about when this would be, so I dug out the first ever thread posted back when it was just three of us in a hidden forum. It was September 26th 2011 and the thread is now over here: http://forum.movingblocks.net/threads/here-we-go.1/

    That's also an example of what nefarious and amazing secrets lay hidden and forgotten in the old Core forum - I'll try to dust some more of the threads off and expose them in...