1. Although the plans will mostly trickle out over the next few days to keep this post from growing too huge. Suffice to say they include multiplayer, long-term planning details, codebase spring cleaning, and maybe a secret :)

    In the meantime - stable build #22 is out ! Here's a teaser video by Skaldarnar !

    Bigger summary of stuff beyond the usual batch of bug fixes:
  2. This video shows all my recent rendering additions, changes and tweaks in action (with a minor :oops: focus on the new water rendering technique that is available in the "Insane" graphics quality mode).
    • Water rendering with total reflection, refraction, fresnel and vertex displacement using multiple octaves of sine/cosine (approximation) waves
    • SSAO
    • Volumetric light scattering
    • Outline shader (using a Sobel edge detector)
    • (Camera) Motion blur
    • Depth of field (currently only blurred in the distance)
    • HDR rendering with dynamic eye adaption
    • HDR based blooming
    • (Shiny new sky renderings for days and nights)
  3. ... showing the dynamic shadow prototype for blocks/chunks that I've implemented over the weekend (along with all the other small changes and tweaks). I'm quite pleased with those first results, but there is a lot room for improvement. Thanks to the shadow map approach this feature can be easily extended to support dynamic shadows for enemies, dropped blocks, dropped items and whatever you can think of. Feedback is - as always - very much appreciated! :)

  4. Taking a bit of a break from the Leap now that we have a functional prototype to enhance later I'm going to get some site pieces out of the way in the near future. Goes along with some of the many items I posted on a recent todo wish list for stuff to spend time on ;)

    Forums may get shuffled around a little bit, emails tied to our different services may change, Xenforo here may get some additional/updated plugins, and some of our sites may go unavailable for brief periods of time when actively being worked on

    Also need to get back to badgering contributors about stuff so expect to see another jump in activity as...
  5. I've made some rather drastic changes to the overall rendering the last couple of hours and I would greatly appreciate a lot of feedback. :twilightblush:

    Here's a small video showing most of the changes in action. Look out for the new skysphere (which is coupled with the atmospheric sky coloring) and the overall changes to lighting and coloring. I'll make another video next weekend showing the gameplay and engine related changes.

    Make sure to clear your SAVED_WORLDS directory before you try the newest build.
    • Added a new textured skysphere
    • Replaced the simple Reinhard tone mapping operator with the Uncharted 2 filmic operator
    • Made tree leafs opaque for various reasons
    • Adjusted all lighting to work hand in hand with the tone...
  6. We've just finished setting up the new community portal replacing our good old phpBB 3.0 powered board. AlbireoX kindly contributed this XenForo license – thank you!

    We actually have not finished setting everything up yet and there may be a lot of changes in the forthcoming days and weeks but it looks like all threads, posts and user accounts from the old board were successfully migrated. If anything is missing or not quite right: Let us know! As a small start we've tried to reorganize the structure of the message board. Any requests for new forums or overall feedback are greatly appreciated.
  7. I've configured an automatic build script which updates the Java applet here on my server using the latest code base of Terasology available on GitHub. So if anything new appears on GitHub, it can be played minutes later in your favorite browser. Neat! ;) The applet now also makes sure that your JVM allocates enough heap space, so gaming is as smooth as it can be with your hardware specs. But you should have at least 1024 MB of memory.

    In addition to that I've added a new plugin to this community portal so the applet can be made directly available here. So look out for the "Play Terasology!" and "Download Terasology" pages hidden under the brand new "Terasology" tab up there below the header image.

    Make sure to test the applet and let me know if everything works right on all...
  8. The new site here is getting more solid tho there are still a few things to finish up. We also have a few important & related outstanding decisions to make on block sizing and art style - just how "blocky" the world will be. So I'm suggesting our first ever official meeting, yay meetings!

    Picking 4 pm EST on this coming Saturday, which is a time I've aired before as a decent time to get lots of people - but if there's a better time just suggest away.

    Initial agenda ideas with some small attached todos:
    • Site: forum setup review and final tweaks (still a little uncertain about exact forums justified at this point). Cervator - will try to sort out old topics into better...
  9. Not that it wasn't actually out more than a week ago, but then Xenforo happened and I've kept busy ;)

    Harder to keep up with everything! So much new since last. 111 commits in that stable build, including but not limited to:

    • Project dir restructure completed by Immortius - tidied up some of the top level directories and moved stuff around
    • Several rounds of better detection of native libraries to use - might have fixed Terasology on some systems, but there are still issues (tricky area)
    • Tons more new blocks by Metouto! Even more pending, but whoops, we still haven't upgraded the block ID capacity and ran out
    • Lots more work on the entity / events system, there's actual...