How to add new Planets?

Discussion in 'Destination Sol' started by ererbe, May 15, 2017.

  1. ererbe

    ererbe New Member

    I have the textures, (based on the desert textures) and decoration textures (and a new ship for this planet).
    but, how to add a planet to the game? I already tryed stuff,but I'm a beginner.
    I have crash logs and maybe screens if you want. (or any code)
    (would be nice if you can help me, i already have another ideas for planets...)

    (And it would be cool, if I would be able to create ships with more than 2 gun slots (one part/ type 1, goes to rmb and tyoe 2 to lmb or something like this.))

    sry for the bad englisch...:whistle:
  2. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

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  3. ererbe

    ererbe New Member

    need the textures be in a atlas? maybe this is my error...
    (if i try to add new weapons it dosent work too, icon not found but names match)
    and if yes: how to pack the textures in a atlas
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  4. ererbe

    ererbe New Member

    yes, i think yes, is there a programm i have / should use or have i do it manualy?
  5. vampcat

    vampcat New Member

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  6. SigmaOne

    SigmaOne New Member

    The crashinvaders tool is a lot more recent and at least on my system it works better
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  7. vampcat

    vampcat New Member

    Yeah, the aurelienribon tool dates back to 2012 from what I can see, and was probably the one initially used in DestSol. Glad to see that you guys found the better tool :D

    P.S. credits to SigmaOne for finding the crashinvaders tool, btw :)
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