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    Official recurring calendar entry woo!

    Times are approximate and optional. Only the early session is tied to the calendar for simplicity.

    The early session will be 10 am EDT / 4 pm CEST / midnight AEST (Sunday) - time zone link - this is the time for the event tied to this thread
    The late session will be 5 pm EDT / 11 pm CEST / 7 am AEST (Sunday) - time zone link

    I'll personally try to make as many of these as possible, and will probably also be early, at least for the later session (I'm a night owl, not really a morning person!)

    If the interest is there we might start up the headless server and do some play testing too. If we have enough people in the early session we might not focus as much on the later one that day.

    Note that over time this calendar entry might go wonky around daylight saving time switches

    We will attempt to add logging on IRC via Gooey sometime
  2. Cervator

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    I might try to keep a rolling summary here between sessions. Bit unsure as these announcement threads act a little funny (different post style) and I don't know how the recurring nature of the event impacts this thread (the date is in the URL, yet what'll it look like next week?)

    May 17th - topics discussed
    • Office hours the concept itself, which got a good reception
    • Did some brief reviewing of the Alpha milestone, which is looking decently organized (date highly speculative)
    • Talked about forum organization, which later brought this mega-post - might need more polish
    • OKed putting a sponsor box in the Xenforo portal somewhere in case we have something to put there
      • This could be logos for IntelliJ, YourKit, etc, but also actual friend/project sponsors like one recent contact (MC forum owner)
      • I'm going to look at setting up an account on - while Xenforo offers some basic donation options I like how Patreon is sort of half-way between site donations and an on-going Kickstarter setup. It also is quickly becoming a trusted and popular option, so bonus points being able to let that site handle any sort of transaction.
    • Actual code bounties might still be tricky. Not so much putting them up, but rewarding them after work done - this could be a point of friction.
    May 24th - possible topics
    • Further review of the forum reorg so we can start applying it. Adeon is working on a test server for a Xenforo upgrade as well and I've talked to AlbireoX about the license (I'll renew so we can upgrade - just $40)
    • Double-OKing setting up Patreon and me talking to the prospective sponsor if that's a good option
  3. Cervator

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    Mid-week update:

    May 24th - topics discussed
    • Forum reorganization - most that work (other than reorganizing threads) is done now, like thread prefixes
    • Re-OKed the alpha milestone as being decently put together (I think!)
    • OKed Patreon and got it set up
    May 31st - picked "content updates" arbitrarily, other topics welcome :)
    • What does Wood & Stone need to take it to the next level? I am personally thinking creatures, some usable as livestock, others maybe as predators dangerous to both player and livestock.
      • Talked to Marcin Sciesinski a bit in the past on it, not sure if there are any outstanding obstacles (other than effort)
    • What does Light & Shadow need next? We've poked at several topics but keep drifting. Likely needs:
      • Structure work. msteiger has played with a Cities-like world gen with two opposing cities, and we need to customize structures + allow tactical interaction with structures
      • Structure-aware pathfinding - talked to synopia a bit in the past, we lack an ability to path "through" blocks to detect and get to a player inside a structure or behind a wall
      • Light-weight "combat" so creatures can get a default behavior to chase the player to do damage
    • Anything else?
    Also this thread's title updates automatically to the correct date after each event time passes, woo!
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    Update - May 31st had no pressing topics and not a lot of content people made it so it was a quiet day. No set topics for June 7th either, although there had been good IRC discussion at other times like on a humorous new game type suggestion (the Glurm must flow!) - will again default toward content topics if we get the right people :)

    Edit: Same story June 7th (huh, this thread only updated its date once ? Maybe addon bug ..) so just editing this post for now. Ideas for next week:
    • Content again
    • Team update if Skaldarnar get the team lineup posted soon and we prep the new badge :) Although he's going on vacation, so maybe not - enjoy tho!
    • Maybe finding a way to turn up the heat on hunting volunteers for stuff, want to get closer to finishing alpha already !
  5. Cervator

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    Informal sessions have continued, nothing major lately, been quiet. Bit of content talk and some world gen.

    I'll miss tomorrow's early session as I'm helping a friend move. Am a sucker like that :)

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