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GCI starts soon, play test Dec 2nd using Alpha 9, BTM Friday, and we'll be at Ludicious 2018!

We got into Google Code-In again this year and have more mentors and higher expectations than last year - it should be a blast, and a whirlwind of activity! If anybody already familiar with our code and community wants to volunteer as a mentor let me know. Otherwise just hang out on IRC and there will be plenty of questions!

The program opens up to students Tuesday November 28th and just a few...

6th birthday! Play test to celebrate on October 7th

Technically we're 6 years and a day plus change at this point, but close enough :)

Usually we try to celebrate with an event in late September, but my schedule is a little out of whack these days and I'm still poking at a little surprise I'm hoping will be ready in time. We also have our regular monthly play tests now so pushing out the celebration to the regular time that happens, which will be Saturday October 7th at noon eastern US.

That's also just a couple days before GitHub Universe...

Alpha 8 is our biggest release ever! Right as GSOC ends

I won't be able to do the release justice with a single post, and nobody would read it anyway due to the length :)

Here I am simply going to highlight a few very visible changes and do an overview of new modules. The engine changes are massive but may not impact content as much as module changes do.

See the release page on GitHub for...

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