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    Contributor Hi All!

    Heyo and welcome Siarhei! I see your first impression of the game went really well :D . I don't know if you tried it with any of the modules that exist already, but either way, seems like you had a good time, and that's great! If you haven't investigated yet, there's a whole slew of ideas...
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    Intro Hello!

    Hey there Diana and welcome to the forums! Any type of game development prior will certainly help with this project. Even more so if you've used an entity system before. We use intelliJ, so setting the workspace up and running the source should be a good first step. Do you plan on getting a...
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    Intro Hello!

    Hello and welcome Nikhil! Sounds like you've been a busy bee with the modules :D . You could potentially get to look into the particle system to attempt some sort of effect for the fireball (which would in turn hide, or obscure) the shape of the fire"ball". Still, pretty cool. Will check it out...
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    Intro Hello from Shashank A.K.A (HurtLocker)

    Hya Hurtlocker! From what you say it seems like you've already gone through the basics and such; As far as possible projects for GSoC, this would be a good point to look at. Kinda contains all types of ideas that people around here came up with. It should shed some light on the type of stuff...
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    Intro What if someone wasn't applying for GSoC...

    Hey there Orpheus and welcome! As it seems a thing of interest from your description, I'll firstly post the necessary stuff for setting up the workspace and all. For a start you can get the full wiki here, and a more specific setup here. You could join us on IRC for questions regarding the...
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    Cervator out of state a couple times - send help, and sandwiches!

    That's pretty awesome! ( but not being able to steal ideas? damn... ) Are the GCI stuff just supposed to be minor bug fixes? New implementations might be possible for people who are more advanced, but I guess that's why we need to have quite a lot of these small tasks :raritywink:. Some of them...
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    Suggested Move fields in Block onto Components

    Relevant thread to go through. This is mentioned pretty much at the start
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    Contributor Starter projects

    Heyo there and welcome to the forum :flutteryay: If you wanna look around for some issues to solve there are a bunch here. Bite-size ones are usually the go-to's for a start. I think you'll find some interesting stuff there, so have fun looking through them :fluttersquee: If you wanna get use...
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    Design More Physics

    @Michael If you're thinking about a "3D" collisions (to have movement not parallel to the rails), then the normals and such might be important. For the case in question though, where you wanted a minimal system where only carts interacted with each other, setting their speed in the moment of...
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    Design More Physics

    @Skaldarnar you make a good point. The only entity updated should be the current one since we don't want setting the speed twice. The snippet technically would do nothing different (since there are no additions, just setting of speeds), but there would be redundancy. Synchronizing the two is an...
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    Design More Physics

    From what I could see here, on the moment of collision you carts do have a velocity that's tangent to the rails, so you could just normalize that and use it however you'd like in the onBump instead of replacing with a new Vector3f (like, multiplying the current one with any factor between {-1,0}...
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    Design More Physics

    @Michael Is there anything else needed then? It seems like you have things covered as is, without need for other implementation. I'm curious how you got them to detect each-other though :rainbowhuh:
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    Design More Physics

    Ok, so you want only rail entities (for now only carts) to collide in a plastic way by means of rigidbody from the way I get it. No health would be affected anywhere. We could use a fix that @Josharias had done and I saved somewhere (where collisions between entities would return an event...
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    Design More Physics

    Well, conceptually speaking for now, what would be the preferred way a collision would happen in your eyes? Add any ideas, we're not talking code for the moment, just whatever goes through your head regarding the outcome of a collision. From there we can do a MoSCoW assessment of the issue and...
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    Design More Physics

    Heyo, I'll be looking into the rails module shortly, but I do have to ask what types of collisions you have in mind? Would they be the rigidbody types where it returns a point on the mesh with a normal or just a raytrace from a central point of the object that does somewhat of the same thing...