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    Problem Terasology dont starting

    Gah, twice in two days. This time it was out of space. Fixed again. Our old Jenkins is about ready for retirement, it is barely staying alive, but we have a shiny replacement we're finishing up, then we'll cut over the launcher and should be OK again for a few years :-)
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    Problem Terasology dont starting

    Jenkins had crashed after months without a restart. Is back online now and the launcher should get past that point again. Hi @Konstantin - please try again!
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    Question Cannot lauch in Linux Mint 19

    Hi @Kyle1974 and welcome :-) In general it helps to look for and provide the game's log file if you're hitting issues. Also exactly what you downloaded and ran, that way we can advise better :thumbsup: It may also help to hop on chat / Discord for live help. Having some limited insight into...
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    Suggested Can you add more details to items and can you add realistic animations to the game please ?

    Hi @TurkishAhmet4545 - good animation list, but otherwise still need more details. What kind of block or item details? Graphical detail level? More content systems so items can be more complicated? Plenty of stuff could be done, but your post might as well read "Please make the game about 20%...
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    Resolved Fail to launch using gradlew

    Hey @Caaady :-) We've seen that error a few times, as far as I remember it does relate to the version of Java being used to compile. Which have you tried? We only officially support Java 8, although newer ones may work in some cases, at least partially. There are some pending improvements that...
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    Featured Looking forward after GSOC 2019

    Some more event details :) Hacktoberfest is live, but we need more curated issues with the Hacktoberfest label applied. Curating said issues helps win points for the Merge-athon! The merge-athon is itself somewhat more detailed along with the big module audit in issue #3737. We'll hand out up...
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    GSoC Proposal Draft - Terasology Launcher

    Groovy is sweet, and great for utility. It is however also slow as molasses :-) Great for build scripting and such, although I suspect Kotlin might even be trying to catch up there since it can now be used in Gradle as well, potentially with better code completion & validation
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    Resolved Terasology Launcher 3.3.0 Issue

    Hi there and thanks for the detailed report! :) Although I don't think it should matter I was doing maintenance on our Jenkins server earlier around the time you posted this. I'd think that'd mean a failure to get anything at all rather than a broken file - unless I restarted it right as you...
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    Design Project Planning: QwerZoo (name pending?)

    Finally had a chance to read the full thing, and this really is the exact kind of thing we need to flesh out more best practices and make sure we have solid foundation style modules in general. Definitely consider reworking existing modules that seem relevant to your interests as in most cases...
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    Intro Hey there, this is Nira

    Welcome! Happy to have you on board. Our code is easy - actually making a solid video game we're still working on ... :D
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    Intro Hello, this is fortiseven

    Welcome! Is your friend somebody we'd know? :) Have you set up to run from source yet? Any outstanding questions? I do remember seeing a translation PR or two roll in. Hopefully soon we'll figure out some better translation website again :thumbsup:
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    Proposal for The Terasology Foundation - GSoC 2019 (by TheHxn)

    Don't feel bad - regardless of selection merely applying and working with mentors on a serious proposal should be a valuable learning experience, plus it sets you up for more than just GSOC. Depends on your interest and availability of course. Thank you for sticking with the process :-)
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    GSoC Proposal - Tutorial Journey website(s) for players and modders

    So your proposal has definitely improved over time. But one oddity is that you keep adding completely new things that haven't come up at all or been linked to any involved GSOC Idea. That means your proposal makes it two steps forward then takes a big leap backward. Now there are brand new...
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    Metal Renegades - GSoC Proposal Draft

    Haha yeah I was reading that final paragraph thinking "Oh yeah there's some Borderlands coming" then yep! Not really a bad comparison either, just with more rails and maybe the bullet hails spread out a bit more ;-) Checked the proposal again but not much to say, seems pretty solid :thumbsup:
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    GSoC Proposal Draft: Terasology Launcher 4.0

    Initial feedback added :-) Other than the semi-rush / late hour probably the biggest weakness I see is that your goals are somewhat abstract ("Do good things!") then your timeline mentions oddly specific things ("Game Manager piece!") without having a good expansion on that part. Often it...