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    [GSoC 2018] Porting Destination Sol over to ECS

    Bump - just reviewed the updated proposal and added a bunch of feedback on it. You seem to have the grasp of ECSes, but then don't seem to apply that knowledge in the timeline, nor post overall goals in the proposal. You actually kinda have more detail in your first post here than in the...
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    Intro Hey everyone! I'm Austin

    Added a pile of feedback just now! Sorry about the delay :-)
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    Intro Hello, I'm HeroesGrave

    Just in case this thread hasn't come up yet I want to link to as the idea of reworking facets some more definitely has come up. There are now also "Zones" (formerly known as "Surfaces") meant to help outline...
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    Intro Hope it's not too late to introduce myself!

    Yep welcome @Wchu98 ! Echoing @Skaldarnar's comments - it is never too late and regardless of whether you get picked even the proposal writing process itself can be a valuable learning experience, as can digging around in the project and source. You are also always welcome to contribute and...
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    Intro Hi, I'm Ar0ne!

    Moar feedback! First of, just a general comment I've also given to other students: your writing style is somewhat conversational, which is a better fit for a lecture in a auditorium in front of students than in a written proposal like this. For instance: "Personally speaking, we also really...
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    Intro Hello, I'm HeroesGrave

    So the overhangs thing is a bit of a guilty sin as we did actually have them in the legacy perlin generator, but when we introduced the new world facets system nobody got around to writing a newly updated overhangs type facet... :( That particular issue is about as old, yeah, and I tried to...
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    Intro Hi I'm Chanch

    Hey there, welcome to the forum, good to see you here in addition to on the GSOC site :-) I just checked and there is a bunch of good feedback in your proposal to take a look at. You might also want to add a bit more here if you can think of something. Like for instance we ask for social...
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    Intro Hello guys, I'm Konstantinos! (A technically not late introduction) :)

    Welcome to the forum, good to see you here :-) If you haven't checked out Lost yet then you should. Grab the Alpha 8 zip, which is a bit aged, but includes a save game that starts you with a small story: There is a good amount of...
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    Implementation HumanoidCharacters - proper visuals for player characters

    Also see for that Blender addon (two more chapters available) (and keep up the nice work all!)
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    Intro Hi, I'm Ar0ne!

    Hey again :-) Good to see you back. Feel free to just bump an older intro thread, I actually had your old one linked and just realized you posted a new one. No problem tho! Your chosen issue does indeed have a lot of space to work in. It is a pretty poorly defined idea from our side and...
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    Featured GSOC Student Applications are Open!

    For some more details on the current state of proposals: As expected we've had solid interest in the new/expanded gameplay template "generic" idea, just about covering all the basic suggestions (Light & Shadow, Master of Oreon, the brand new GooKeeper, GooeysQuests, Lost, and even a tower...
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    Problem Module dependency resolution failed (only for specific modules though)

    Hi @Darragh - the actual Alpha 9 should work, as shipped in the game Omega zip file. If you start updating modules to newer versions using the in-game modules screen you'll get modules that are newer than your engine and other modules, leading to these problems. Specifically AdvancedBehaviors...
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    Question Textures replacement

    Heya Xenon :-) I still haven't gotten around to replying to some of your other comments, but I thought I'd answer this real quick: that tile sheet is just something that gets output as a debug thing when the game runs. It isn't the source of anything, which is why changing it doesn't do...
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    Factorio Community Event

    I just picked up the game to be ready for tomorrow, just will have no idea what to do. Know of the game, of course, but no time to play it so I've resisted so far :) How does the multiplayer work? Do we each build on the same base? Shared resources? Or is it more of a go make your own base then...
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    Intro Hi there, I am Shade254!

    Ohoho Kotlin! That's been a hot topic on and off, along with Scala, even for consideration somewhere within game land itself. We support both in modules although it is a little fiddly to get to work right now, and runs into sandboxing issues soon enough as we haven't really updated the whitelist...