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    Game balance and longevity

    So, level with me for a little bit, all right? Pretty damn lengthy post incoming. Games like Pokemon. They're repetitive. You see the new Pokemon, and you're all like, "Oh whoah, I've never seen that one before!" After you fight it once, you're like, "Meh." Individual encounters become a...
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    Hello everyone.

    Many greetings to the terasology community! Here is the relevant information you oh-so-desire: Name: Patrick Hansberry - Eliwood / Eli Social: Github is Eliwood, Youtube is Eliwood75 - I have facebook, twitter, etc, but am hardly on them. From: Southern California Skills / Tools: Java...
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    Terasology Code

    Hello there. I've been working to learn Java + LWJGL and I feel comfortable enough to start working on a project of my own. My question is: Since Terasology is open-source, does this enable me to use the code as a sort of "guide"? I won't be actually using any of the code - rather I just...