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    Maintenance FacadeAWT

    Good work! This has always been one of my favorite (sub-) projects.
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    Project GSOC 2016 City Simulation Project

    Very impressive - good work @Cpt. Crispy Crunchy !
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    Request for code: Dialog editor

    Same for me - no progress on this one, since I'm not web-guy. My target was to create a proof of concept and work on the ingame dialog implementation. I think that it would be valuable to have a web-based editor to create/edit these dialogs though.
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    T-Shirts, Merchandise & Co

    Thanks for reminding me of this thread, @SuperSnark ! Here's photo of the real T-Shirt:
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    Team Hello, world!

    Yes, I agree with that. Core functionality and critical resources should be available through the classpath and additions through PathModule (for local development) or ArchiveModule for end-users.
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    Team Hello, world!

    Well, yes and no. Resources that are on the classpath are naturally available for use. The key benefit of the other modules is that you can add code and resources at runtime. Similar to Terasology, you could download new ships and AI code from the internet and run it directly (from JAR archive...
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    Team Hello, world!

    You can SHIFT+click to select ranges in GitHub and the selection will be reflected in the URL. You can have a look at to get an idea how it's done in Terasology (via ModuleScanner), if you haven't. The target output folder should be build/classes (without the...
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    Team Hello, world!

    It runs on an embedded Jetty. You can launch the JettyMain class as a conventional Java application. The tests use H2 (an empty in-memory DB). There's also a clone of the real DB on Amazon EC2 - I can give you the credentials on Slack, but you should not need it.
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    Issue 1741: DAG-based Rendering Pipelines

    No, not really. I actually doubt (now) that there is a generic scene graph library that suits the purpose. I would focus on creating individual rendering nodes that can be coupled dynamically (e.g. depending on video settings) just like you planned it.
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    Suggested New background image(s)

    Thanks @chessandgo - there are certainly a few that can be used. @Cervator maybe you can make a list of those that go into the art gallery and those that should be used for ingame background images?
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    Suggested New background image(s)

    I like the social media shout-out idea. Should we give it a try?
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    Archived Crashing when creating a new world

    Hmm .. that's odd. The WorldProvider seems to be null - I wonder what could be causing this. Maybe another exception during the initialization phase?
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    Suggested New background image(s)

    How about we use the image gallery from the website until new images come in? They are fairly outdated, though .. Edit: Current images:
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    Suggested New background image(s)

    I agree - instead of adding a border around the caption we might want to rearrange the menu screen contents. The "Terasology" title and the subtitle cover almost half of the available space leaving not much room for the content. This is probably a different topic though. Please post your...