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    Google Code-In 2016 - DONE!

    I am no longer a student (never made the university), but given the excellent organization of the project, and its ease of development, is an excellent initiative, which will bring significant improvements to the project. These news that fills my heart. If participating in any Italian...
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    My love for Terasology!

    Parla come magni hahahahaha :D Sono un maccherone Romano :) Grazie Trekmarvel, ho visto il tuo lavoro, hai tutta la mia ammirazione, soprattutto quando vedo ragazzi capaci come te, che credono! e portano avanti un progetto seguendo i propri ideali, e le proprie idee, senza mettere davanti il...
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    My love for Terasology!

    Thanks to you Cervator. Yes, a new public response when the public updates, because I did not expect your answer to be sure that what I wrote you like! or not, now I organize everything, today I create a new account, a new github repository and more, exclusively for my vision of Terasology! I...
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    How do i open the project

    Create a fork on your github account, then git download your fork, eg: $ Git clone Enters Terasology folder, open the terminal and enter the command: $ ./gradlew Eclipse or $ ./gradlew idea Open Eclipse, IntelliJ (I recommend IntelliJ)...
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    [GCI] Logo, Banner & Launcher Design

    very cool !!!! very very nice, I like it very much the style of the logo, simple and modern. Good job.
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    My love for Terasology!

    For a long time I follow the Terasology project, I had various personal problems, but they always come back here, to test the improvements and growth of the project. Terasology improved compared to some time ago, has better optimization of hardware resources (runs better on my PC)...