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    I've made a mod that implements a new faction, planet and boss into the game

    Hi @CodeQuaZar , here is the full workspace setup :)
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    Alien Names

    Ardrak or Slistek?
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    Games in our "sphere of interest"

    I found this Dwarf Fortress/Minecraft inspired game and is open source.
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    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    And also change the font with the menu title font :)
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    Post-GCI Module Reorganization/Clean Up

    Agree, there's a lot of work, in the next days I will upload a bunch of new textures. :)
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    My love for Terasology!

    Welcome back @Blockman-77 / @Spaghetti Developer ! Awesome 3d models and can't wait to see your next projects on this game!
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    WIP My pixel-art icons

    Thanks @xtariq let me know if you need other specific icons, I made a list on the first post :)
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    WIP My pixel-art icons

    New icons! New fruits Deer Meat And a possible design for potions which could be used in an alchemy arc. @Cervator what do you think?
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    A Brand New Logo

    @Cervator I'm sorry for the delay, there are two png files with added transparency. One of these has the superior text in bold, but don't change much the slightly curvey stuff, I think is an optical effect. There'is also the revisited icon what do you think? :)
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    A Brand New Logo

    Ok @Cervator, tomorrow I will make the changes :)
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    A Brand New Logo

    @Cervator Ok Android Icons with different sizes :)
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    A Brand New Logo

    @Cervator Android/Pc icon idea :)
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    A Brand New Logo

    Thanks for the Art badge :thumbsup:
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    A Brand New Logo

    Yep and there is the background i used:
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    A Brand New Logo

    @NeonInsect Feel free to use it for the soundtrack release :D @Cervator We could only use the central symbol, as I'm doing for the icon. What places you refer exactly? :)