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    Request Needed texture list - let Drullkus help texture all the things!

    Books could use new textures. I was thinking new book textures. I don't even need that many books textures. Just a set of textures that will responds nicely with being tinted. If you are up for it, orginal textures for Book's book gui would be nice. The current textures are from the minecraft...
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    Suggested Library

    The idea is a collection of stories, text, ect written the community converted into books that are added into the game via a module. I got nothing else right now. Anyone reading this feel free to post anything you feel would be good for this proposed module.
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    Contributor Hello. ^^

    I'm Waterpicker. I've been lurking around the Terasology IRC since 2013. I recently became active by updating the Books Module. I just got the bug up my butt to finally do my introduction post.
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    Dev meeting Saturday March 12th. Architectural topics beyond engine v1.0.0

    I wish to add an addition to this. I found an example of how render and caustic can be used. It rather simplistic but shows the GraphNode in action.