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    Can we reduce (faceted) worldgen api complexity?

    So what you're saying is, that getWorldEntries does NOT send back all of the entries in the world? But rather the ones IN the chunk with the BORDERS added to them? I'd say that's a really funky name for a method. :)
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    Can we reduce (faceted) worldgen api complexity?

    Hello I have noticed how you guys could optimize a few things. First of all, take a look: Ya see the funky stuff? Well, allow me to explain. Basically it...
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    Hello folks it's Pugsy!

    Hello folks it's Pugsy!
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    Google Code-In 2016 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! Hello! I am Tim Verhaegen, or as the IRC-dudes know me; xTimPugz. I'm a 17 year old kiddo who likes to code and has a passion for Computer Science in general. So much that I spend all of my time daily on it, really. I'm a guy who keeps using the same structures...