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  1. keturn

    Changes to IntelliJ IDEA configuration

    Oh hello forum! We merged a significant change to the developer set-up process this week. Thought it might be worth a post to give a heads-up to those of you who didn't hear about it on Discord. For quite a while now, the guides on how to set up IntelliJ IDEA for Terasology development have...
  2. keturn

    Suggested Gameplay mode: Meta-Terasology Dungeons

    When Niruandaleth started posting these module dependency diagrams, I first thought "we should make an in-game renderer for these, so you can see them in 3-D!" At first I was thinking they'd be rendered medium size so you could look at the whole thing at once like we do here. The third...
  3. keturn

    Design What makes a launcher important?

    As someone who has had some problems with the current state of the launcher, I've been excited to see it getting a lot of interest in project proposals! There's a description on the Ideas Board, and as we think about what technology the launcher should use and how it should achieve its goals, I...
  4. keturn

    Track your contributions on OpenHub

    I was reminded the other day of OpenHub, which I find to be a fun way of keeping track of which projects I've contributed to. I thought some of you might enjoy it too, as you build up your own history of contribution, whether it be through a Code-In or Summer of Code or your own initiative...
  5. keturn

    Games in our "sphere of interest"

    Caves of Qud doesn't look much like Terasology, at least as far as how it's rendered visually. It's all turn-based with 2D sprites, in the style of a classic roguelike or perhaps Dwarf Fortress's Adventure Mode. The reason I bring it up here is that it's doing some noteworthy things in blending...
  6. keturn

    Games in our "sphere of interest"

    Seed of Andromeda, mentioned earlier in this thread, just had its code released under the MIT license: It's in C++ so I don't expect Terasology would incorporate any of its code directly, but there might be a lot to learn from its engine!
  7. keturn

    Implementation gestalt-entity-system

    I came across this in the code: entityManager.getEntitiesWith(WorkstationComponent.class, BlockComponent.class) and it's flagged with the warning Unchecked generics array creation for varargs parameter even though the implementation PojoEntityManager.getEntitiesWith is marked with...