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  1. overdhose

    Archived crash, possibly due to trying to open the in hand craft

    here's the data
  2. overdhose

    anybody tried this one yet?

    this thing seems to have popped out from nowhere : impire looks like a worthy dk alike, curious if any of you have tried it, doesn't seem to have a demo to test it out.
  3. overdhose

    mouse button behavior

    Cervator edit: the code as far as it got is in the miniion branch in @overdhose's engine fork (it is legacy-era so modules were still in the engine) Doing a bit of ui work for the miniions mod, I got into a chat with Cervator about radial menu's he would like to add to some tools. This...
  4. overdhose

    books revisited

    playing around with the old book mod, trying to revive it... Cervator, I was looking at giving it a recipe, what do you think of this? (bookcase) "CraftRecipe" : { "recipe" : { bottom: [ "plank", "plank", "plank"...
  5. overdhose

    new proposal

    hey Cervator, I created a modified to better support mods, would be nice if you could let me know if this is acceptable for the main dev, I also removed deprecated code and still left an oldsize / newsize, for those that don't want to handle bigger icons, the card items use the new...
  6. overdhose

    Resolved modding problem, indirect reference

    tried to solve this myself, but not really my expertise here. first of all, maybe let me state I'm using eclipse atm, as I had it installed, not sure of that changes anything. anyway, loading the miniions mod project, I received this error : the prob comes from using UIImage (the gui...
  7. overdhose

    Archived Client Settings (GUI)

    Cervator edit: Added header, moved to Incubator Core Projects, marked as archived as we have newer UI threads Name: Client Settings (GUI) Summary: An options UI providing game settings and in particular custom key bindings Scope: Engine (and supports mods) Current Goal: Stabilize and add more...
  8. overdhose

    Item Component "usage" param

    Have another weird question. Say you have an item that can be used on blocks as well as on entities, what would be the best way to achieve this? Currently, the usagetype is either ON_BLOCK or ON_ENTITY, I'd need to use both (ex : click 2 blocks to define a grid, then click on a minion to to...
  9. overdhose

    Issues with Obj Importing

    funny, couldn't help quickly testing it out, same deal as with the plants : no errors, just empty space rendered. Wondering if I am missing something in defining the model
  10. overdhose

    Inactive GUI Layout

    Cervator edit: Added header, moved to Incubator Name: GUI Layout (gameplay related) Summary: Coming up with the central design for GUI components on the main player screen Scope: Engine Current Goal: Solidify on a design Phase: Design Curator: Maybe overdhose, rapodaca and others involved in...
  11. overdhose

    my mind is a mule

    completely out of topic, I remember sitting in math classes one day and have our teacher explain us the concept of what was labeled in dutch the "mule's bridge". In long past times when life was "simpler" people used mules as pack animals. A mule however is a very stubborn animal. It would...
  12. overdhose

    croc overlord with tortoise minions

    sometimes, inspiration comes from the weirdest things, just thought it was funny:
  13. overdhose

    Archived lilbit the gelatineous cube hunter

    I accidentally bumped into this article: Joking around about what to call him, I thought we might use him as a base for some ingame minion supervisor mob or something of the kind. Quite sure he might spark some...
  14. overdhose

    Inactive Miniion

    (Note: Incubator header added by Cervator, and thread itself used to contain other creature design notes split out into Creature Definitions - might read sort of funny. The idea is that this is a Core Content thread spawned from the central topic of Creatures themselves, this being specific to...
  15. overdhose

    World Generation

    Cervator edit: Added header, merged two threads (might read a little funny on the first page) moved to Incubator Name: World Generation Summary: Next-gen world generation prototype using fancy tech like polygon-based island shaping etc. Also world shape. Out of scope: Individual generators...