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  1. Anthodeus

    Design More Physics

    Hey there guys, While thinking of some ideas for implementing combat-related issues, I have come across numerous problems regarding collisions. Initially discussed in this issue, I've been revolving around the idea of how to make collisions help development rather than limit it. Thus, I wanted...
  2. Anthodeus

    Design Combat

    Hey guys I have been following the main GSoC issues and ideas for a while now, as well as research as much I can about the world (and other worlds like LaS). What is needed in the game is some good ol' combat :rainbowdetermined:, so I'm here to deliver :D (in collab with @korp or @Kartikey...
  3. Anthodeus

    Contributor Helloez Allz!

    Name: Razvan "Anthodeus" Mincu Social: github and linkedIn From: I'm from Romania, the home of vampires or whatever else we have as a stereotype :) ( although my friends define the whole Eastern Europe as Russia :( ) Skills / Tools: I have worked lately with a lot of C# and C++, C comes in a...