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  1. Michael

    Bullet and Box2d

    I've discussed this with cervator, the basic idea is to extract bullet and box2d from libgdx as standalone libraries. this should give us the opportunity to tweak and rework the library to fit our needs better. For instance the bullet implementation was reworked to accept TeraMath components...
  2. Michael

    Terasology Blender Block Shapes V2

    So I'm working on a rework of the shape plugin for blender. What I'm thinking would be a good change is allow for multiple blocks to be worked on for one blender file. similar blocks can be grouped together in a collection and exported together as a set of blocks in the export menu. I'm not sure...
  3. Michael

    Google Code In - Summit June 2018

    This is the thread all Google Code In trip related. Google was very accommodating for the GCI and overall I thought it was a really great experience. We had the chance to listen to various googlers speak about their work and what they've been working on. This includes: project FI, Waymo...
  4. Michael


    I ran Gource on the Terasology repository. The history goes quite a while back so the video is 4 hours long. I have been running this for the last 12 or so hours. also feel free to make a better version from the raw video files I've uploaded...
  5. Michael


    I've been working on a slight rework of the meta-server. I decided to rework the implementation with DropWizard and port the existing API over. I've been working on adding some basic migration support and also reorganizing the database portion of the application. One thing I'm not sure about is...
  6. Michael

    Tweaking ProtoSignalling

    I've been working on a slight rework of signaling. The Protosignal model is quite a bit more inefficient when compared to the original module but I think this module is easier to add additional blocks to the network. The backend implementation of the graph will need to be reworked, but this is...
  7. Michael

    Implementation ItemPipes

    Summary ItemPipes is a Terasology module that adds item transport system based on pipelines. ItemPipes are useful for automation purposes - this module lets you transport items without your involvement. Repository: Current Version: 0.1 What has been done...
  8. Michael

    Implementation Rails

    Rails has gone through a major rework and I've decided to make a new thread for everything new in rails. Summary Rails is a base module that adds rails and carts to Terasology. The functionality beyond the base rails and carts will have to be extended onto through other modules. There is...
  9. Michael

    from jbullet to libgdx bullet wrapper

    Overview I've been in the process of trying to port jbullet to libgdx's bullet wrapper. So far I've managed to re-implement rigidbodies back into the main game using the libgdx wrapper. The functionality of this is dependent on a patched version of libgdx. I've ported the voxel portion from...
  10. Michael

    Matrix Stack

    I noticed that the engine at the moment uses the glpush and glpop for matricies. I think it would be better to implement and maintain a matrix stack with a collection. Opengl's stack system is pretty inflexible and I think this would be a nice addition.
  11. Michael

    Contributor Hello from GSOC

    Name: Michael Pollind Social: Github: LinkedIn: Skills/tools: I'm a second year student at Chapman University. I'm a pretty Linux heavy person with a fairly good background in terms of Git, C++, java, and C. My Github is...