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  1. Isaac

    Intro Hello Everyone! I'm Jenna.

    Welcome Jenna! Terasology is written entirely in Java so working on the codebase might be a good way to learn the language ;) You might want to check out for an overview of the tasks available this GCI and set up Terasology on your workspace...
  2. Isaac

    Intro Hello Teraworld!

    Hey there! Great to have you here. First off you might want to set up your workspace using the guide here: To start contributing, you could take a look at the bite-sized issues on our tracker or better yet, just write some unit tests...
  3. Isaac

    Intro Hi everyone

    Hi Jerrick! To get started, you might want to set up your workspace using our Quick Start guide here: Feel free to explore our issue tracker for anything you might be interested in as well as our GSOC ideas list here...
  4. Isaac

    Intro Hi from Tamara

    Hi Tamara, Glad to have you on board! If you would like to just explore and experiment with the game locally you might want set up and run the game locally first using the guide here: We also have our GSOC ideas page...
  5. Isaac

    Cannot change strategy of configuration

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with! ;)
  6. Isaac

    Cannot change strategy of configuration

    If you're missing any world generators, it might be a good idea to rebuild the project once using "gradlew jar" before running "gradlew game". As for the missing dependencies, strange as "gradlew" should have downloaded what was required. Could you also try to download the Thirst module...
  7. Isaac


    @lexasub : By progress, what do you mean? Do you mean that a world is generating now? As I understand it, you're saying that you've updated your video card drivers. Looking at the logs, I do think that the crashing might be caused by a lack of RAM rather than a game issue since there's no...
  8. Isaac


    Hey! We met on IRC earlier. Could you upload your full logs somewhere and link it here? You can find it in the logs folder under the main Terasology installation directory.
  9. Isaac

    Intro Hello Everyone

    Hi Jason! Yup, as compared to other Java projects, I really love developing for Terasology since because it's a game, you can implement any fun or interesting ideas you might have and test them in-game, tweaking them to your liking. A good place to get started would be setting up your workspace...
  10. Isaac

    Intro Hello cubes!

    Welcome Malanius! Looks like we share the same interests :D
  11. Isaac

    Google Code-In 2016 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! I'm Isaac on the GCI website, and iojw on Github as well as IRC. I'm 17 this year,and I've been coding for quite a while now. 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? This is a hard question for me, but I think the highlight for me would definitely have to be one...
  12. Isaac

    Java AWT Whitelist

    Terasology currently whitelists the entire java.awt package in, which might lead to some modules posing a security risk. Taking a look at the list of classes in the awt package here, these are the potentially unsafe classes in the package: Robot - allows for the...
  13. Isaac

    Intro Hi everyone!

    Hey! I've been hanging on IRC for quite a while now so thought I would post an introduction here :) Name: Isaac Social: You might have seen me on IRC as iojw. I'm iojw on Github as well! From: Singapore Skills / Tools: Mainly coding, not that great with design. I'm pretty comfortable with...