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    [GSoC 2018] Porting Destination Sol over to ECS

    Hi. After vacillating on many different topics, I’ve settled on this one. As mentioned in the list of GSoC topics, I would like to get up to date on the latest about Destination Sol (pinging @Cervator and @vampcat ) . Also, I would like to discuss my understanding of what is expected for this...
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    Can adding Lens Flare Node be considered a GSoC topic?

    I'm talking about this issue which seems to have been dormant since last August. Can I implement a Lens Flare system as part of my GSoC project?
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    Contributor Hi! I'm Manas.

    Hi. I'm a Computer Science undergrad and I'm interested in contributing to Terasology this summer. Besides a few games in Unreal Engine 4 and Java(2D), I've tried making a game engine in Java from scratch (read: OpenGL) using LWJGL. I did follow various tutorials and I certainly won't claim...