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    Maintenance FacadeServer - Headless server with web interface

    Name: FacadeServer Summary: A program which integrates a Terasology headless (no GUI) server with a web (HTTP and WebSocket) server to allow users to interact with the game using a web browser, a mobile device, or, with a bit of additional work, anything that can interact with an HTTP REST API...
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    Suggested Client identity cloud storage service

    Hi everyone! I'm opening this thread to discuss a feature I have in mind; if there is interest, I could try to implement it in the next weeks (this is separate from my GSoC project, while there are points where the things are connected). At the moment (correct me if I'm wrong), what...
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    Contributor [GSoC] Hi, I'm Gianluca and I'd like to work on server management API

    Hi everyone and compliments for the great project you are developing. I'm a newcomer and I'd like to do the GSoC with you, here is my presentation: Name: Gianluca Nitti Social: My Github - Twitter (rarely use it but if you want to tag me it's fine) - Freenode IRC nick: gianluca_n From: Italy...