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  1. l0ftyWhizZ

    Updates GSoC 2018 - GooKeeper

    Hello everyone! :D This forum post serves as the place wherein the major/minor updates, and other important discussions would be for the GooKeeper project. Summary : GooKeeper is a new gameplay module, designed by SuperSnark, which is closely related to the game "Slime Rancher". Here, the...
  2. l0ftyWhizZ

    Contributor Hey, I am l0ftyWhizZ!

    Name: Shreyas Iyer (aka l0ftyWhizZ) Social: From: India Skills / Tools: Been developing in Unity since the past 3 years (C#). Currently delving into Unreal Engine. Found via: While searching for open-source games on Github :D Interests: Interested in...
  3. l0ftyWhizZ

    GSoC 2018 Proposal - GooKeeper

    Hello everyone! This is Shreyas Iyer aka l0ftyWhizZ. I have written up a proposal draft for the GooKeeper project (SuperSnark's GDD here) and I would love to get some feedback on it. I am still working on the description for the breeding system, hence it's incomplete. Thanks! :D Proposal link...