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  1. dacharya64

    Updates GSOC 2018 -- Light And Shadow

    This post/thread will serve as an overview for the Light and Shadow project for Google Summer of Code 2018. Summary: This project extends the current Light and Shadow module by adding a new mode of capture-the-flag gameplay, the goal being a playable minimum viable product (MVP) with the new...
  2. dacharya64

    GSoC Proposal Draft (seeking feedback): Extending “Light and Shadow” Gameplay and Functionality

    I've written up a first draft of my Summer of Code proposal, "Google Summer of Code Proposal: Extending “Light and Shadow” Gameplay and Functionality", and would appreciate any feedback! Please let me know if you think the pacing of the schedule needs work, if the priorities of tasks needs to be...
  3. dacharya64

    Anyone going to GDC 2018?

    Hey all! Was wondering if anyone will be attending GDC this year? I'll be a CA there, so give me a shout if you want to meet up IRL!
  4. dacharya64

    Contributor Hi, I'm Devi!

    Hey everyone! I've already chatted a bit on the Discord server but thought I'd introduce myself over here as well! I'm Devi, a current comp sci / film student at Brandeis University and I heard about Terasology from the Google Summer of Code webpage. My background is in game development and...