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  1. Maternal

    Maternal - experimentation Fun

    Hello, although i already have a thread, the candy stuff, i decided to make another more random and inspirational thread. So all i post here is something what came in my mind and perhaps someone can build upon this ideas. I will post randomly, so its blender or texture stuff So i woke up and...
  2. Maternal

    Irc funny quotes

    (22:18:35) Maternal: Is there a irc funny quotes on the forum ? :P (22:18:59) Cervator: Maternal: can always make one in the general forum :D Serverboom: (22:16:26) Cervator: fatal error, server go boom (22:16:37) Anon666: haha (22:16:39) Maternal: Booooooom xD (22:16:40) Jtsessions: We...
  3. Maternal

    Mathias [Maternal] Hello together :)

    Hello together, i am Mathias alias Maternal on this forum. I found out about Terasology yesterday and i was so happy testing it out. So some more facts about myself: Teamleader of ²Digitalgames , we are working on a project called Zania 3D Modeller, 2D Artwork, Postprocessing and Webdesign I...
  4. Maternal

    Inactive Candy Stuff

    Hey guys, i just downloaded Terasology today and i wanted to share my first mod with you. I don´t know why i wanted to do something candy like but well it keeps me smiling all the time working on it. For now, its just a one block mod but i will do more stuff on my free time. I will use my...