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    Inactive General Particle System

    Name: General Particle System Summary: The goal of the project is to give developers more freedom in the definition and usage of particle systems than the current BlockParticleSystem. The new system will allow developers to define and alter the behavior of the particles at runtime. This makes...
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    Which opengl version to use?

    Since I started working on a general particle system for the engine, I have to deal with a lot more (raw) OpenGL stuff than before. At the moment there are no guidelines on what versions of openGL to use. Judging by the LWJGL imports, it seems that we are currently mixing version 1.1, v1.5, v2.0...
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    WIP Alternative textures (128x128)

    Done: Dirt, Grass/GrassSide Stone Sand Upcoming: Snow/SnowSide tree textures (bark + wood + leaves) The past few weeks I have working on an alternative texture pack for Terasology. I want to teach myself to create textures and creating a "texture pack" for a voxel game like Terasology...
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    Implementation WeatherManager

    Name: WeatherManager Summary: A (library?) mod that adds weather to Terasology. Scope: Module Dependencies: MarkovChains Current Goals: Rendering weather Implemented: Global temperate climate simulation, cloudiness wind and downfall Phase: Implementation Curator: DizzyDragon The end goal...
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    Maintenance Seasons

    Name: Seasons Summary: A library mod that adds seasons to Terasology. Scope: Module Current Goals: Add some configuration options (at least season lengths and the starting season). NUI Calendar? Phase:Implementation Curator: DizzyDragon
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    Batch block updates

    Currently, the available WorldProvider interfaces only allow blocks to be updated one by one. The WorldProviderCoreImpl class has two setBlocks functions for batch updates, but these haven't been implemented yet. Updating blocks one by one led to performance issues with the CA Liquid system...
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    Inactive Hide water edges with foam effects?

    I was searching for examples of celshaded graphics when I came across this gif: I noticed that the water makes a sharp 90 turn, which reminded me of how water is currently rendered in Terasology (with cubes). In Zelda: the Wind Waker, the game shown on the animation, they use these simple...
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    Inactive Liquid Simulation

    Cervator edit: Back when last this worked it was in a standalone module, so I moved it to the Modules forum. However it needs a refresh at which point what repo(s) it might occupy should be reevaluated Name: Cellular Automata and Liquid Simulation Summary: A system to run block based cellular...
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    Hello to everyone

    Name: Linus van Elswijk From: The Netherlands Skills / Tools: I'm a computer science student with a minor in AI. Found via: I found it when I googled 'open source minecraft' or something similar. I recognized the name because I saw Gronkh's videos about it before that. Interests: I would love to...