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  1. metouto

    New year's day

    Just wanted to say happy New Year to all .....
  2. metouto

    Evil Empire

    Cervator and I were talking in a chat awhile back about Destination Sol ...... since I did not have anything right now to do in Terasology he ask about maybe developing an "evil empire" along the lines of the "imperial ships" that already have a home in Destination Sol. So I came up with these...
  3. metouto

    Intellij & GritHub

    Got a question ..... Cervator said in a post (and he is AFK so I can't ask him on chat) to me that I needed to keep Intellij updated to GritHub ...... I know that stable 49 just came out ..... so do I need to do something to keep Intellij updated with this new stable or will it update it's self...
  4. metouto

    WIP Using other's brushes ...

    Was just messing around with some "brushes" I have downloaded with my gimp program and thought that it might be nice to see what might get "impressed ???" (like fossils) in rocks ...... animal tracks leaf leaf1 leaf2 Shell skull small pine tree small wings Now my question...
  5. metouto

    WIP Block Tile Additions

    Cervator ..... Here is what I am trying to do ..... make 2-5 tiles to show a difference between Block tiles within a single block to give options of choice for different uses. Here is the first one I have done & wanted to get feedback if I am going in the right way for use .... Alabaster1...
  6. metouto

    Happy / Safe 4th :)

    Just stopped by to say, to all those celebrating, have a fun /SAFE 4th ... :)
  7. metouto

    WIP [Icons] Weapons (64x64)

    Starting to make weapons for terasology .... weapon axe Unless someone knows why I should not I will be making them with transparent background and at the size of 64x64. Now, feel free to put your two cents in here if you think they are to big or if you think they need reworked for some...
  8. metouto

    WIP [Icons] Work tools (64x64)

    I am starting to work on tools such as would be used in mining .... this is Pickaxe 64x64 this is a LongHandleShovel 64x64 this is an Axe 64x64 this is a hammer 64x64 The 1st set I will make will all be "wood" type tools soooooooooo ....any comments would be helpful because this is my...
  9. metouto

    WIP [Icons] Various Items .... :o)

    Sorry for not being able to hold a chat session :( but if you will give me a list of needs that I could do for you in paint/gimp I will do my best to get them done for you :thumbsup: The only thing I can remember is mike (?) wanted a spear/hammer in brown .... question ... would lite or dark...
  10. metouto

    Archived [Plant] Milk & Coffee

    Here are two plants you will not be able to find in the corner plant/food store .... but you can find them in the land of Terasology if you look real hard (maybe) ....:cool: This is your good old "potted" Milk Plant .... be sure to keep it someplace cool :laugh: This is your good old...
  11. metouto

    Build A World

    Just saw a site I had never run into before and thought I would share .... Don't get me wrong .... I think Terasology is still the better game :coffee: and we could get some ideas from it (maybe ???) :D
  12. metouto

    Archived [Texture] Clear Window Panes (full, 1/2, 1/4) (16x16)

    OK ..... if I have done this correctly then we should have ...... this would be a 16x16 block this would be a 8x16 block this would be a 8x8 block now, you should be able to see through these blocks. But the one problem I see and I have not been able to fix is if you use the 1/2 or...
  13. metouto

    Archived Using blender

    I listened to the tutorial on setting up blender for use with terasology .... said I needed io_mash_terasology can't seem to find this :( I'm I out of date with this info o_O
  14. metouto

    Archived File endings

    How many different file endings does terasology support ??? Could you give me a list please/thank you :coffee:
  15. metouto

    Spoiler Thingy

    Ok ... calling information please ..... someone could you please tell me how to use the "Spoiler Thingy" I see in some of UberWaffe's posts ...
  16. metouto

    WIP [Texture] Church Doors

    Here is an idea for a church door .... One side of the door will be 1 block wide x 3 blocks tall so in all the doorway will 2 blocks wide x 3 blocks tall ..... BottomLeft (like a new door) BottomLeft (smudged to look older) BottomRight (like a new door) BottomRight (smudged to look older)...
  17. metouto

    WIP [Texture] Updated Stone and Minerals/Ores

    I have tried to update four blocks ... Coal Gold Sliver Stone (smudged a bit maybe it helped) (smudged a bit maybe it helped) (smudged a bit maybe it helped) (Hope these help) My question are these good enough to use as an update or should i not bother with others ???
  18. metouto

    Merry Christmas ...New Terasology Build New Year :o)

    wish you a Merry Christmas wish you a Merry Christmas wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Terasology Build(maybe????@Cervator)new year.:coffee:
  19. metouto

    Suggested Oceans as a biodome

    70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water. The vast oceans are the largest ecosystem in the world. The oceans are home to the richest and most diverse habitat on this planet. Right from the microscopic creatures to the gigantic blue whale, an ocean biome supports the highest number of...
  20. metouto

    Resolved Feb 2 download

    I got this message when I download and tried to run Feb 2 update ... :( I am sure this is because I was on my laptop and not the desktop. But thought I should post it just in case :coffee: edited ... then it shut down.