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  1. SigmaOne

    Story Ideas Here

    This is a thread where you can post your story ideas. I'll start with mine. In my opinion a very wague story would work well in DestinationSol. Instead of it being a linear main story you would progress towards a simple end goal while slowly uncovering the lore as you progress towards the...
  2. SigmaOne

    Suggested NAT Punchtrough

    As the title suggests, some kind of NAT punchtrough system would be good for Terasology and DestinationSol. This would allow basically anyone to host a server, even without a static ip address or with their isp blocking connections to them, and players would be able to for example host a...
  3. SigmaOne

    Alien Names

    I need some suggestions as I have no idea what to call an alien race that I'm making ships for. Also here is one of the ships: