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  1. jellysnake

    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    I will be posting all relevant updates to this thread as the program goes on. This will potentially also include things that are mirrored to other places. Summary of project: Terasology has a lot of potential that goes beyond just being a sandbox voxel game. This project aims to highlight this...
  2. jellysnake

    Terasology Tower Defense gamemode (GSoC 2018)

    One of Terasologies best points is how utterly modifiable it is. As it was designed with modding support in every step of it's life the bare bones engine imposes almost nothing onto you other than the fundamentals of a sandbox voxel world. However there is currently a lack of working gameplay...
  3. jellysnake

    Cooking SuperModule

    So, I'm working on fixing up the content issue in Cooking & SimpleFarming, and then moving on to integrate them with other modules where possible. Thought I'd type up my plan so others can see it and help/give suggestions. Phase one has been done and I'll have a pull request in about a day. Here...
  4. jellysnake

    Suggested Pipe Module

    This is a simple pipe module that would allow for transfer of items from one place to another without player intervention. Purpose: Having a way to transfer items from one block to another is a crucial part of most automation and tech playstyles. It allows for feasible tech modules to be added...