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    Resolved Fail to launch using gradlew

    Liberica JDK 13 and Oracle JDK 11. I switches to jdk 8 and it works now. Thank you so much!
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    Resolved Fail to launch using gradlew

    Hello, I tried to launch the game from command line but encountered a package missing error. I have tried to run with ./gradlew jar game, and also switch jdks, but it still has the same issue. I am running on Windows with Git Bash. Can I get some help here? Candy@DESKTOP-IJJ8070 MINGW64...
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    Intro Hi this is Cady!

    Name: Cady Social: github: IRC: Facebook: Ziqing (Cady) Zhou From: I am Chinese, but currently a freshman major in ECE/CS at Duke University in the US Skills / Tools: Native in Java, but have...