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  1. NowNewStart

    Inactive Natural Disasters

    After a funny IRC Conversation about "Commets" with the funny joke to implement Coments, I thought about this topic, what about adding: Floods Earthquakes Whirlwinds Thunders Vulcanos For Vulcanos, you could do an extra Biome, adding a Stone Mountain which randomly explodes and shoot lava? :D...
  2. NowNewStart

    The "Heightlands"

    Hey Guys, Because of full boredom I tried to make a biome. As result of this tries I made the Biome "Heightlands". It's a biome , higher than Plains, but not as high as Mountains, with a few little small mountains, more undergrounds and a bit more flat land. Here are some photos...
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    Archived Terasology on XBOX360

    I think It's a topic we should talk about earlier or later. We know Minecraft is also playable on xbox and just think about Terasology on it. Actually, Java cannot be run on xbox, but I find a framework called "Mono"( which converts Java Code into C#. I think it...
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    Resolved GitHub Issue #486 | FPS Problems

    As said in the GitHub Issue: I attached the entityDump and my Log. To prevent Questions, No the Problems don't dissapear by restarting Game/Computer.
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    Name: Julien NowNewStart Gelmar Nicks: Only NowNewStart From: Bayern, Germany Skills / Tools: HTML, CSS, mainly PHP, MySQL, VB, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java Found via: Gronkh Interests: Help to develop and add Functions to Terasology. mfG, NowNewStart
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    1.Spawn: Ich würde in einer großen Stadt spawnen, die per Weg mit anderen Dörfern verbunden sind. Dort findest du alles, kannst Geld verdienen usw. 2.Dörfer Lustig wäre, wenn man die Dörfer wie à la "Millenaire" ausbauen könnte. 3.Arbeit Quests usw. Ausbildungen 4.NPC NPCs werden selbst...