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    Interesting video

    Video :
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    WIP Player/NPCs models

    So we have some animals, some monsters but no player model! Also, we need the NPCs models. Will they be different from the player like in Minecraft? Will they all be differents? Let's talk about this. :)
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    Terasology : The Game

    Hi everyone! This topic is about the gameplay of Terasology. The goal(s) that the player will have to follow (or not), etc. So I start : As we want some inspiration from Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Defenders, the player(s) will have to build a fortress and defend it. So, mining (and wood, etc.)...
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    Archived Hell & Paradise

    Will there be a Nether (Hell) and an Aether (Paradise) like in Minecraft ? It could be awesome! Hell could be accessible by digging very very deep (and more deep you are, more hard the monsters are (like in Terraria)). Paradise could be accessible by using "Magic Beans" or using wings. Or...
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    Name: Pierre Ten'son' P. From: France Skills / Tools: C++ (favorite langage), Javascript, HTML, Java, SQL (Postgre), a little of Assembler. (A LOT of C++). Actually I'm 2nd year student in informatic. I've already worked on a voxel-based game ( in C++/OpenGL...
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    Archived Trees are hollow !

    That's right ! Proof : ;D
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    Archived 3D crafting

    That's it ! :p I mean, 2D (actual) crafting for simple objects and the 3D crafting for more evolved objects. No need to do a special interface for it, just put the right blocks on the ground at the right place and use a "magic scroll" near of the craft and the object will be built!
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    Archived Cities and villages

    I red this topic : And then : I don't understand that. Why villages are tricky ? I mean, there could be villages like in Minecraft (maybe a little bigger) with PNJs who could sell/buy you things. Like an iron forger who could make you...
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    Resolved Screenshot bug

    When I take a screenshot by pressing 'F12' : What is on screen : So it 'F12' screenshots only a quarter of my screen...
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    I think that since there's an Animals topic, there should be a Monsters topic! :D I played Terraria ( wich is a kind of 2D Minecraft action-oriented, and there are lots of cool monsters in it. Like the big worms coming out of the dirt (or in caves): Also the...
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    Archived Stone

    I think there's not enough stone. Watch the difference : pic1 (Terasology) | pic2 (Minecraft) See ? I think that (in terasology) stone is 'added' after the terrain has been generated. It's probably like 'if there are 10 not-air voxels above, then the current voxel is stone'. So if it's that...