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  1. AlbireoX

    Should this be the main page?

    Should be the Xenforo?
  2. AlbireoX

    What does WorldView do?

    At first, I thought it was a view of the world and all of your currently loaded chunks. But it seems that new ones are created in updateChunksInProximity() in a for loop? What are the purposes of WorldView, Region3i, and World/ChunkProvider?
  3. AlbireoX

    Something to base the Mod API off of Looks like it already has a following and lots of standard stuff we can use.
  4. AlbireoX

    Archived Off-topic forum

    What do you guys think? I like a place to blow off steam and go crazy. :p
  5. AlbireoX

    Im bored

    Hey guys , After I finish up my current projects, I was thinking of implementing a multiplayer server in... Node.js. It would work well with existing mod API plans, and I feel it would be enjoyable to not have to write statically-typed unit tests. But we need to decide on a protocol, which...
  6. AlbireoX

    Using JRuby instead of Javascript for modding

    Javascript does have a lot of people using it, but it's not class oriented and makes it a whole lot harder to make it interoperate with Java.
  7. AlbireoX

    Archived Multiple jumping (hopping)

    Jumping is weird. When you hold down the space bar, you should continue to hop.
  8. AlbireoX


    We need a simple launcher to let people play this game. Nobody will play a game if they need to run a scary .bat file or use "sh"!
  9. AlbireoX

    Terasology Multiplayer

    I believe that the first thing you need to do to get a game like this out there is, well, multiplayer. (Also, please speed up the game somehow. It runs terribly on my good computer.) I pitched out the idea of Spout server before, but it uses a completely different architecture than...
  10. AlbireoX

    Writing in the Mirah programming language

    I was bored and found the world's most awesome programming language... compiled IDIOMATICALLY for the JVM. Here's how easily it works with Java: I don't know if you would really prefer Java, but as for me, this language...
  11. AlbireoX

    The Modding API as it stands Here's a link to my in-progress API. This is a Java API, obviously. I have not yet implemented the Javascript one; however, it won't be long until a working version is out.