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  1. AlbireoX

    Project licensing and contributor options

    I really only work on Gooey (not even that much), so I am fine with this post. :)
  2. AlbireoX

    Project Modding Arc

    I believe that is the limit, 2048x2048
  3. AlbireoX

    Temp Foswiki up / GitHub wiki construction

    I will go and convert it then. Will report back when it's up.
  4. AlbireoX

    Temp Foswiki up / GitHub wiki construction

    IT should be simple. I'm sure there's a WikiCreole to Markdown converter somewhere in the world. If not that would be a fun project.
  5. AlbireoX

    Temp Foswiki up / GitHub wiki construction

    Slow! Just use Github! :p
  6. AlbireoX

    Shiny new download page on GitHub

    I hate the Xenforo wiki. Use the Github wiki for dev stuff, and let the community make more in-depth sites.
  7. AlbireoX


    You are really, really good at what you do. Keep it up, and welcome to Terasology!
  8. AlbireoX

    Project Modding Arc

    Miniions are written in Java. So it would make sense that should be a Java API if miniions were to truly be a mod. (They're in the mods package, so...) I think we should put interfaces on everything (there are already anyway) and put them into a separate JAR. We can then combine the JARs...
  9. AlbireoX

    New Xenforo stuff!

    Cervator ooh shiny
  10. AlbireoX

    New Xenforo stuff!

    Aww, that would have been good. How about that plugin that merges posts if you post it a certain amount of time afterwards so you don't double post?
  11. AlbireoX

    Inactive Combat

    Hehe, I was testing that out. I think we should get rid of those ratings; I don't like negativity.
  12. AlbireoX


    Welcome Skadier! Does your 3d design include knowing OpenGL by any chance? :p
  13. AlbireoX

    New Xenforo stuff!

    Good job Cervator! <-- is that a plugin too, where saying @ lets you tag the person? :eek: EDIT: autocomplete the tagging
  14. AlbireoX

    What's up Gooey?

    What's up Gooey?
  15. AlbireoX

    Should this be the main page?

    Agree 100%. Could you figure out what Spout is using for those Agree/Disagree/Like post things? We should get them. :) If you don't know what I mean, go to a post on and look at where the Like button would be.
  16. AlbireoX

    Archived Trees are hollow !

    It was pure coincidence that I happened to see that constructor. It's a downside of using Groovy. (Or it could be my IDE?)
  17. AlbireoX


    Welcome! Nice game you have there! I'm the opposite; I want to learn C++ more :)
  18. AlbireoX

    What does WorldView do?

    Unfortunately, I did not. I probably logged off or something. If I didn't, I'm blind. Sorry :/ Thank you for the useful information. Perhaps WorldView should be renamed to SurroundingChunks or ChunkGroup or ChunkRegion.
  19. AlbireoX

    Should this be the main page?

    Should be the Xenforo?