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  1. AvaLanCS

    Don't sell equipped items feature

    Hi everyone! My first time with Idea and the code of Destination Sol, I really wanted to make a "Don't sell equipped items" option, so I won't accidentally sell some over powered gear I spent some time to acquire! The code base is really neat, I found my way around it nicely! The pull request...
  2. AvaLanCS

    Contributor I do it for the lolz

    Hi Everyone! Name: Peter From: Hungary Skills / Tools: I've been working as a java developer for 2 years, and during university my hobby was computer graphics (C++, OpenGL, tried out DirectX). I know a fair bit about Jenkins and Git. Found via: When I was on vacation with a linux laptop, I...
  3. AvaLanCS

    Update menu in wikia

    Hi Everyone! Tonight I did some edits on the wikia page As a regular user on wikia, I do not have access to the "Wiki Content" bar, but it would be nice to have the ships, guns and shields link there. Can someone edit it please?
  4. AvaLanCS

    Link to game from Linux Game Database

    Hi Everyone! I found the game 2 days ago on Linux Game Database: I am absolutely in love with it, but on that page it links to sourceforge, which has an older version of the game. Maybe someone could contact that page, and tell them to link to github...