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  1. Sin3point14


    Terasology has great support for generating wide terrain features on the scale of biomes but the biomes themselves lack certain localised small features which add to that biome's uniqueness, My project aims to add support for such features to be created and try my hand at creating a few of them...
  2. Sin3point14

    Noise Generator for terrain features

    Hello! I have been doing some(some = 1 till now :p ) experimentation on creating "localised noise generators". Why? Let's say we want to make a single mountain using noise. We'll create a sparse facet and extend Borders to reserve a region for that mountain. But when we're sampling noise how...
  3. Sin3point14

    Proposal POLL OPEN! More Large-scale Terrain features for Terasology! VOTE NOW!

    That title isn't a one-liner promotion of my proposal. That is the actual title of the project! (+ some clickbait) Ok, poor jokes aside, I am back with my second proposal for GSoC 2020, stronger than ever. Please read through it even if you're not a mentor. Why? Because I am creating a poll! I...
  4. Sin3point14

    Proposal Abstract for an In-game Debugger Idea I came up with

    Hi I have been messing around in Terasology for a month and a half by now, and when I tried to add my first feature in GooeyDefence, I faced some difficulties which became the foundation for this idea! Here is a short abstract I wrote explaining my motivation and some features I came with...