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  1. Kazimir3701

    Suggested Engine support for a color layer on items.

    Instead of wasting space with dozens of palette swaps of the same potion, I'd like to be able to define an optional color when choosing the texture of an item. Possible ways to implement it: • A particular set of "reserved" colors that are replaced with the chosen colors (Easiest to implement...
  2. Kazimir3701

    New tool for simplifying block imports! This tool checks for textures in /blockTiles, then checks /blocks for a matching .block file. If it doesn't find one, it makes a default one containing a few lines of commented instructions on how to customize your new block. These block files...
  3. Kazimir3701

    Suggested Decals

    Example from a different Voxel Game Simple idea, possibly complex implementation. Decals have potential for a large performance hit.
  4. Kazimir3701

    Design Realmz VoxelRPG intro and design incubation thread.

    This thread serves as a home for the Realmz VoxelRPG project. I'll be posting content from my old platform and linking to other threads here when certain designs get too large for this thread. Table of Contents: The World The NPCs The Player The Loot The Skills The Monsters The Events...
  5. Kazimir3701

    Archived [Pseudocode]PhysicsBlockHardeningSystem

    Warning: I'm still trying to get my bearings in the engine, and I'm a code novice in general. Most of this stuff will be horrifically inefficient. Simple system for replacing physics entities that have stopped moving. PhysicsBlockHardeningSystem /*Add to physics entities that are supposed to...
  6. Kazimir3701

    Contributor Greetings!

    Hello everyone! Some of you might already know me as Nytemare3701, creator of one of the oldest and most ambitious minecraft RPG servers: Realmz Minecraft. I say "ambitious" because the server was characterized by extreme experimentation and feature creep, not stability. For an example, On day...