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  1. vampcat

    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    As this year's Google Code-In is coming to an end, the Terasology project would like to hear any feedback you have on the competition. Please reply to this thread with a filled-in copy of the survey template below! (And feel free to claim & submit the "Recap your GCI experience with Terasology"...
  2. vampcat

    GSoC 2017

    All good things must come to an end. After working on Destination Sol for 3 months, it's time for a show-and-tell. GSoC Checklist The original deliverables proposed by me were: A cleaner and more intuitive code-base. A module-based system similar to Terasology. (Completed to a reasonable...
  3. vampcat

    Box2D-Editor Rechristening

    Hello, DestSol developers! Most of you might not know me, so let me begin with a quick introduction. I'm vampcat, a GSoC applicant for Terasology this year. However, one of the things that caught my fancy was DestSol, and I plan on dedicating quite a lot of time to it in the near future...
  4. vampcat

    Contributor re"vamp"ing your world!

    Name: Aresh "vampcat" Mishra Social: Github From: India Skills / Tools: Everything that's needed, and more ;) I've taken every language, tool and game engine I could lay my hands on out for a spin (everything from Java to Python, PHP to JS, SQL to FoxPro, Unity to Ogre), but a C++ IDE running...