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    Launcher with russian translation (1.3.0)

    I released a new launcher version 1.3.0 some minutes ago. It contains a russian translation. Thank you, Anthony Kireev (Adeon, small-jeeper)!
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    Launcher with spanish translation

    The new launcher version 1.2.0 is translated into spanish. Thank you, Aldo Borrero!
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    Looking for beta testers for the 'Terasology Launcher'

    Cervator edit: Complete! See release on GitHub or go to Incubator thread for discussion I need your help. Please test the beta version of the new Launcher. 1. Download ZIP 2...
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    Timber and stone

    Hello, I found this game at kickstarter: It is inspired from games like Caesar, Zeus, Age of Empires, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.
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    Deutsche Tutorialreihe für Anfänger / Einsteiger

    Ich habe eine kleine Tutorialreihe für Anfänger / Einsteiger geschrieben. Teil 1 - Java (JDK) Installation Teil 2 - Dateien herunterladen Teil 3 - Gradle Diese wurden alle auf veröffentlicht. Dort findet ihr auch noch weitere deutsche Tutorials zu Terasology...
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    SeaOfMems by Michael Goodfellow

    Do you now the project SeaOfMems. Light and shadow: Trees...
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    Rename "perfTest"

    I would like to rename the folder "perfTest". At the moment we have the subfolders "main", "test" and "perfTest". I think we need a folder for development and manual tests. But I am not sure about the new name. "src/development" "src/manual" ... Any suggestions? Mathias
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    Name: Mathias Kalb Nicks: mkalb From: Germany Skills / Tools: Java, Databases, HTML/CSS, JSF, Gradle/Ant/Maven, Eclipse, ... Found via: Gronkh's video :-) Interests: Architecture, Design, Quality, Gradle, Groovy (I want to learn it) and a lot more