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  1. 4D enthusiast

    GSOC proposal draft: Improving Transparency

    Any feedback on this proposal would be welcome. I intend to probably write another one, too, but it isn't written yet. This draft proposal is about 2 main things: tidying up the way transparent...
  2. 4D enthusiast

    ChunkMesh changes

    The way different block rendering types is handled is currently quite messy, and I think it could be improved reasonably easily, but I wanted to get some feedback first (and also wait until some other PRs are finished before actually starting on this). I assume @manu3d, @Immortius and @vampcat...
  3. 4D enthusiast

    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    Name: 4D enthusiast Social: Github: 4Denthusiast, IRC: _4Denthusiast From: UK Skills / Tools: Haskell, Java, LWJGL, WebGL, HTML/Javascript, procedural generation, physics simulation Found via: Google Summer of Code Interests: I made various minecraft mods when I was younger, which was why I...