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  1. APexPanda


    Hello, along with my mod TorchLife im currently working on making ores generate. Right now its going swell. got most ores to generate but they generate of the surface. I will get pictures up asap.
  2. APexPanda

    TorchLife and GUI editing

    Hello everyone, my first actual thread other than an intro. Im here to tell you about TorchLife, it is a mod that anyone can add to the game and the title says it all. Basically when you place a torch the torch will have a certain life span. After that it turns into a DeadTorch. With the...
  3. APexPanda

    Welcome from Illinois

    Name: Fred, nickname is APexPanda Social: Fred50 From: USA Skills / Tools: Java, C++, C, C# and a little html Found via: Found when i was searching how to create a 3d cube in lwjgl Interests: Was interested in how well the project is put together and the gui plus textures. Extra: N/A