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  1. Nihal Singh

    Google Code-In 2017 - we're in! Starts Nov 28th

    Google Code-In 2017 has been announced today, on September 18th! For the uninitiated, Google Code In is the equivalent of the Google Summer of Code for pre-university students from ages 13 to 17. Students pick tasks from a pool of pre-created (and created as per demand later) tasks, one at a...
  2. Nihal Singh

    Exploration World- Improved gameplay

    This thread is primarily created for the purpose of adding new blog posts and video releases resulting from my GSoC project. The proposal for my GSoC can be found here. The project board can be found here.
  3. Nihal Singh

    Suggested Gameplay Suggestions

    I plan to make a new gameplay mode. The idea is to mainly bring together the ton of different independent features and develop a gameplay mode that has more meaning. Currently Terasology has a lot of different features, but there is not really a good way for the user to enjoy them. What is...
  4. Nihal Singh

    Suggested Exploration World Ideas

    Related to this GSoC item- Issue- There can be so much possible (probably not a whole lot because of missing combat systems). This thread is mainly intended to discuss...
  5. Nihal Singh

    Crouch and Prone Controls

    I've been working on adding the Crouch and Prone functionality to the game. After some discussion with Cervator, we felt the need to have this thread for discussion of what key seems right for this purpose. Do we want toggle or hold buttons? Toggle! Press c for CROUCH and LCtrl for PRONE? 'c'...
  6. Nihal Singh

    Contributor Huzzah! :D

    Name: Nihal "nihal111" Singh Social: Github: nihal111, Email From: Sophomore, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) Skills / Tools: Python, C++, Java (mostly Android), Web Development (HTML/CSS/JS). Git/Github. Found via: GSoC project listing with a filter "game" Interests: Very...