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  1. Panserbjoern

    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    Hi I am currently working on per-block-storage extensions for mods. It's not yet finished but i've made quite some progress in the past couple days. Branch: Please don't merge anything of that branch, though! I'm playing around...
  2. Panserbjoern

    Chunk Storage

    Hello I have finally switched entirely from java object serialization to protobuf for chunk storage! Worlds in the old java object serialization format are still loaded, but they will be stored in the new protobuf format. The old GZIP based storage format is no longer supported, but i can...
  3. Panserbjoern

    Advanced Monitoring Tool

    Hi Sorry for my long absence. I was quite busy and still have lots to do, but i found some time for Terasology lately and i hope, i can do some more work. While experimenting around with stackable chunks i created an advanced monitoring tool for Terasology. It is cappable of monitoring game...
  4. Panserbjoern

    Tweaking Stackable Chunks

    Hi all I was very busy lately working on stackable chunks. It's not trivial to extend the engine, to support stackable chunks. It was very important for me, that the engine supports both classic style chunks and stackable chunks at the same time. The new class ChunkType is responsible for...
  5. Panserbjoern

    Tweaking Chunk Storage

    Cervator edit: Moved to Core Projects. Might need a thread redo sometime to be more up to date, tons of changes since @Panserbjoern started with sparse chunks, now we have stacked chunks and so on too :-) Skaldarnar edit: Moved to incubator, added header Name: Chunk Storage Summary: Several...
  6. Panserbjoern


    Name: Manuel 'Panserbjoern' Brotz GitHub: Facebook: From: Switzerland, Zürich Skills / Tools: The usual web stuff, asp, php, pascal, java, linux Found via: c't magazin für computer technik (