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  1. SkySom

    Intro Hello folks

    Heh Glad to hear you've jumped in! Sorry about taking so long to reply, crazy with all the new contributors who pop up with GSOC.
  2. SkySom

    Contributor Hey, I'm Mitch

    Hello Vizaxo! Welcome aboard. I'm trying to think of some more modules that do World Generation, but can't think of too many that do, NeoTTA is definitely one of the bigger ones. May be a few other ones, perhaps Josh's Survival?
  3. SkySom

    Intro Hello friends: Brandon Amdur - GSOC

    Welcome bamdur. First step is really getting a developer environment setup, and also saying hi in IRC! After that it's getting to know the codebase and working on tiny issues until you understand it to take on some of the bigger issues!
  4. SkySom

    Intro Hello folks

    Hey Omar, not completely late, so long as you jump in and get working issues and getting to know the community! It's harder, but still entirely possible. Definitely a plus to know how Entity Component Systems work. Get a developer environment setup and come visit us in IRC, and that'll be the...
  5. SkySom

    Intro Hello friends! I'm Thao

    Hey Thao, Game design is definitely something we need more of around here! Happy to have you on board. Any GSOC proposals you are looking at specifically?
  6. SkySom

    Intro Hello Everyone

    Hey Naved, welcome! Everyone was new to open source at one time! So are you planning on putting in a proposal for GSOC, or just found us, and want to help out?
  7. SkySom

    Intro Better late than never (Google summer of code)

    Hey Arthur! Welcome to the party! If you're looking for something small to work on, the best place to look is on the tracker for Issues labeled "Bite size" These are issues that we believe should be a good...
  8. SkySom

    Suggested Some Sort of Programming Module for Educational Purposes

    Definitely would be fun for an expansion of . Though yeah better to stick with known languages as than it could be used more in other ways.
  9. SkySom

    Intro Hello, from Aditya Agarwal :)

    Welcome Aditya! We're definitely a good place for VR/3D (We've actually got a contributor working to improve our VR support, so that will open some more doors!). WildAnimals ( may be a good place to start, as it already has a deer model, but we could...
  10. SkySom

    Contributor qwc (aka teh docker dude) says hello!

    Ah yes. Docker Dude. Welcome!
  11. SkySom

    Design Poll - name for a registered non-profit

    My vote is on Terasology Open Source Initiative (TOSI)
  12. SkySom

    Intro GSoC Intro: Character and Gear Customization

    One of these days I'm going to regret my "If I have textures I'll do anything" outlook on modding. But today is not that day.
  13. SkySom

    Contributor Hello from GSOC

    Oh nice more Buildcraft stuff in Terasology, I'm down. I've sorta been working Rails to be Railcraft-ish. Sooo maybe we can bring the big 3 of the oldies from minecraft into Terasology :D
  14. SkySom

    Contributor Belated Introduction

    I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING... Yeah totally rebooted into windows without pushing my current branch... *headdesk* By this weekend Imma have it fixed. Ya know :D Either that or some PR Imma figure it out.
  15. SkySom

    Contributor Belated Introduction

    Been hanging around IRC quite a bit and already taken a small look at fixing Rails to work with the newer asset system, but been meaning to do a proper forum introduction. Name: SkySom Social: From: United States Skills / Tools: Mainly...