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    Question What Code to Edit to Make Tools or Hand More Powerful?

    I'm trying to setup my singleplayer world to be more creative-mode-like and would like to be able to break any block with just two strikes; either by the pickax or by whatever is held in the hand. Where and what code in Terasology do I edit to accomplish this? (The railguns are too powerful and...
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    Question Structure Templates Module - How do I Get This to Work?

    I've been unsuccessful in figuring out how to use the Structure Templates module to create saved copies of houses, custom-built trees, sections and corners of walls, etc. that I can place in the world where I want, as many times as I want. Is there anyone with experience with this module that...
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    Question Malicious Exploit Security Checks Module - Intended for Developers or for Players?

    The "Malicious Exploit Security Checks" module - is it something intended for developers to use to test their modules against or is it a security measure that prudent players should install?