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  1. TechnoPrometheus

    My 3D models, and video tutorials for the project.

    As promised, I started working on some graphic content for Terasology. Public Following the early work carried out during the festive season. In my github account, I opened a new repository, Warehouse of Terasology, I use this space to post graphic material, documentation, and all I realized...
  2. TechnoPrometheus

    TeraBox Editor

    Hi everyone! I started studying Java, and libgdx. Yesterday I was working on my 3D voxel models, and èvenuta me a small idea. I need a little tool that matter my voxel models, such as testing and analysis tool for the correct geometry within Terasology. The characteristics that must have the I...
  3. TechnoPrometheus

    Intro I'm officially in the club: D

    Name: Stefano Peris, nickname {TechnoPrometheus} Social: From: I'm Italian, my city is Rome, I am passionate about technology since 1984, the Commodore C-64 was my first computer. I never stopped studying, and put all my enthusiasm and my passion, to improve...