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    Implementation The Genome Module

    This article is a high-level description of the Genome module. Purpose The Genome module aims to be a way to add diversity to various breeding species by implementing a genetics. Each individual of a breeding species has a genome which contains a sequence of genes. Each gene governs a certain...
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    Helping a friend with Terasology

    As part of a GCI task, I recently helped a friend set up a Terasology environment. I also helped him add a new "Marble" block to the game. The following is my report on doing so: My friend, being a python programmer himself, was comfortable with forking and cloning the repository, and could set...
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    Suggested "Vehicles" Module

    I am writing this forum post to propose a new module for Terasology: the "Vehicles" module. Purpose: The primary purpose of the Vehicles module is to add a way to build vehicles from blocks. The module should add basic blocks and structure templates for building vehicles (steering wheels, iron...
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    Suggested Formal Description of Crow AI

    This article contains a formal description of what could be the AI for Crows in the game. This description could also be extended (with a few changes) to other birds displaying similar behavior. The behavior of the crow (and of most other creatures) consists of a default "idle" behavior which...