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  1. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Implementation Record and Replay Feature

    Name: Record and Replay Feature Summary: Terasology now has a feature to record some events as you play the game so those events can be replayed later. These events can also be used in a testing environment to create acceptance tests. Scope: Testing/ Quality Assurance Current Goal: Create more...
  2. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Suggested Ingame Assertion Creator

    A while ago I was talking with Cervator and we came up with the idea of adding an Ingame Assertion Creator, making it possible to write tests for the game as you play it. This would basically consist of a special button or command that you can use to pause the game and then open an environment...
  3. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Updates GSOC 2018 -- Event Recording Proposal

    Summary: This project consists of the implementation of Event Recording on Terasology, where the recorded events could be replayed in a game session. This is useful for creating benchmark tests and also regression tests. A ModuleTestingEnvironment expansion to support recorded events is also...
  4. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Environment-based Tests and Headless Server questions

    I've been studying issue 2780 ( to prepare my GSoC proposal, and while doing so I had some doubts: What exactly is the Headless Server? From what I've seen, it looks like a server meant to run the game without players and it's used to test...
  5. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Adding more Unit Tests

    I've been trying to automatically generate more Unit Tests using Evosuite, and while I was able to generate them, I wasn't able to execute them using Evosuite inside the project (Evosuite was primarily made to work on Maven, so I am still trying to figure out how to make it work properly on a...
  6. Iaron da Costa Araújo

    Contributor Hi, hi! I am Iaron!

    Name: Iaron da Costa Araújo Social: GitHub: Facebook: From: Brazil Skills / Tools: Java, Spring Framework, Backend, Test, Research, Quality Assurance Found via: Google Summer of Code Interests: I'd really enjoy developing...